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Friday Musings - On a Sunday

by Yvonne DiVita

I seem to have misplaced Friday. Did you see it lying around your desk, anywhere? It came and went on my end, before I even knew it. Saturday followed. Hence, I am doing Friday Musings ... on a Sunday.

Truth is, the day doesn't matter. Musings being what they are - vague or jumbled thoughts on one thing or another. I have them often, not just on Fridays. Surely, you do, too?

This week I'm struck by the nuances of life. How life unfolds for each of us. How we, as human beings, grasp or don't grasp the meaning of our consciousness - our lifeblood - our 'being', if you will. Facebook abounds with daily affirmations - be all you can be, look forward not back, forgive and forget; the messages are all the same, written in different words, shared in different fonts, circulated via social media until they finally land on Pinterest.

The troubling part is that most of us grab onto those affirmations and cling to them for dear life. Surely, we think (I imagine we think), if I learn to live this quote, my life will improve. Surely, we muse, if I share this quote, someone else's life will improve. Surely, we believe, this is what life is about.

Life is not about affirmations.

Life is not about sharing affirmations. Miah-sidelong-glance

Life is not about... learning to accept your lot and "love what you have"... rather than striving for things you can't have.

Life is about so much more. And so much less.

I will not presume to tell you what YOUR life should be about. I will merely suppose that if you truly want to understand your purpose on Earth, you take steps to do so. Unplug from the Internet. Step away from your desk. Move to the front door... go through it... now, walk. Think. Enjoy the day. 

Think about ... that which you routinely push away or ignore. Bring your mind to a place of question. Why? Why are you avoiding whatever it is you're avoiding? Why isn't life giving you roses... surely you've asked for roses and the saying goes, "Ask and you shall receive." So, where are the roses?

Oh, there they are. In someone else's yard.

Why do THEY have roses?

Why do you care?

It's not up to me, or friends and family on Facebook or Pinterest, to lift you up, build you up, support you as you trudge from day to day, somewhat lost in a dreaded routine that will not release you. It's up to you. 

I will share one thing that I believe... which has stayed me through many difficult times... which has given me the answers when I thought I had none... which has shown me how to break those chains of daily routine (when, in reality, I am someone who likes routine)... 

That one thing is a word. One word.


Life is about choice.

YOU choose the life you live by making the choices you make. 

Choose thoughtfully. Choose wisely. Be held to task by that inner voice whispering to you. 

What to do. What to do. What to do!

I hear that lament daily... many times a day. 

You know the answer. Make a choice. And, if tomorrow you decide today's choice was wrong, change.

It's as simple as that. 

I'm choosing to walk the dogs and go shopping. See you in the funny papers, as they say.


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caren gittleman

I agree with you about choice...if you don't like something, change it...that being said, I have collected quotes since I was a child. I love them :)


So true Yvonne. It's the one thing we have to ourselves, the choices we make. Because much more of what happens to us is about our choices, even if it's just letting something happen instead of doing something else.

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