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Friday Musings - Once Upon A Dream

Blurry-eyesby Yvonne DiVita

Once upon a dream, I saw tomorrow and it was good. I dreamt of yesterday but it slipped through my fingers...it melted on my jeans and left a stain that will not come out. 

Once upon a dream, I glimpsed a sunny day - when all I'd known was rain. I tried to escape the rain, to reach the warmth of that sun, but the rain was me and I was the rain, and the sun was just... a dream.

Once upon a dream, I hunkered down in a dark corner... a tiny thing, of no consequence... afraid to unfold myself and venture out into the room. I only saw shadows - nothing but gray shadows. In my dream, I sat mute - listening to the sounds around me. Strange sounds - like words and voices, but far off, unintelligible. 

Once upon a dream, I did not believe in tomorrow.

And then, I woke up. I woke up and discovered it was tomorrow. I discovered that the dream was not reality. I discovered the sun, the trees, the bees, the flowers... and all the life around me. I walked out of my empty, dark room and I embraced friendship and warmth. I looked at rainbows in wonder and realized I had lived too long in the dream.  Foot-sticking-out

My once upon a time became a new world of possibility, of people, of pets, of excitement. I have a new dream - filled with opportunity and expectation. I remember the old dream, it will never leave me completely. But the new dream is stronger; it commands my presence and guides me toward the places I want to be. 

Once upon a dream - I thought there was nothing beyond my fingertips worth striving for. Once I stood up, and walked forward, I discovered a solid foundation beneath my feet... that led to amazing places. I find myself still moving forward - to new amazing places, down roads that wind and twist, and sometimes seem come to an abrupt halt... until I look around, step off the beaten path, and stroll along a new road, off to achieve my life's desire - which is to bring others out into the light of the world where old dreams can drift off like morning fog, and new dreams can burst forth like a summer sun.

Join me? 


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