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By Guest Blogger Donna DeClemente, Donna's Promo Talk Six years ago today, February 27, 2007, I wrote my first blog post on my blog, Donna's Promo Talk. Today I'm celebrating my blog's birthday and the fact that I'm a six year-old blogger. Thanks again to my good friend and founder... Read more →

by Yvonne DiVita Not every business needs 'employees' - dedicated workers who carry out the day-to-day tasks. Solo-preneurs do most of their own work, outsourcing those tasks they are not able to handle themselves. But, small businesses do need employees. We require extra hands and brains to bring the company... Read more →

By Amanda Ponzar @LivingUnited (Check out the end of this post for FREE Microsoft tools.) Let’s be clear, I’m a BIG fan of Microsoft. Why? Their corporate citizenship team (whom I’ve worked with for five years) is great. These talented tech experts are committed to changing the world by leveraging... Read more →

By Guest Blogger Donna DeClemente, Donna's Promo Talk Today I will be heading out to attend another luncheon event put on by Women TIES. You may have read some of my previous posts about this organization. TIES stands for "Together Inspiring Entrepreneurial Success" and the organization's leader, Tracy Higginbothom, strongly... Read more →

by Katie Parsons I have three little girls that have not yet reached elementary school age. They are smart, pretty, spirited, opinionated, and dramatic forces to be reckoned with – all rolled into three individual beings. Being a mom to these girls has completely changed the way I look at... Read more →

by Yvonne DiVita Relevant questions of the day... Is there still a war between "moms" who stay at home and "moms" who don't (moms who generate income outside of the home - I won't say 'work' because all Moms work)? Answer: Yes. Why? You tell me. I did both. They... Read more →

by TD Austin, introduction by Yvonne DiVita You'll not be surprised to learn that books play an important part in my life. I've written posts about publishing and reading and books quite a bit lately. I did a short review of a fantastic sci-fi series just last weekend, and now... Read more →

By Guest Blogger, Donna DeClemente, Donna's Promo Talk Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and it seems to becoming a bigger and bigger holiday every year. Many brands have been jumping on the V-Day bandwagon and offering up some sweet deals for their customers. Here's a few that I've come across. Krispy... Read more →