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Celebrating six years of blogging with one of my favorite brands, Dove

By Guest Blogger Donna DeClemente, Donna's Promo Talk

HappyBdaySix years ago today, February 27, 2007, I wrote my first blog post on my blog, Donna's Promo Talk. Today I'm celebrating my blog's birthday and the fact that I'm a six year-old blogger. Thanks again to my good friend and founder of this blog, Yvonne DiVita, along with her business partner and now husband, Tom Collins, for helping me get started. Lipsticking was launched a couple of years before my blog, so we're both considered old timers now in this business.

Dove logoI have developed a few traditions in my blog postings over the years and one is in celebration of my blog's birthday. For this I write about the same brand that I devoted my first blog post about which is Dove. I love the brand and use their products and have been following their Real Beauty Campaign over the years which I continue to support.

So as I did last year, I sat at my computer this morning, opened up Facebook and hopped over to the Dove Facebook page. Last year I did the same thing and to my surprise I found that Dove had just converted to the new Facebook Timeline. Dove was one of the first brands that Facebook partnered with to roll out their new Timeline for business pages which is now a year old.

DoveTruthFilesDove's current promotional campaign is called the Dove Truth Files where they invite fans to "Reveal the Truth and Reap the Awards". Part of the campaign includes this Instant Win Game they are running on a Facebook app. The game is giving away over 20,000 prizes instantly such as Amazon gift cards and music downloads, plus everyone receives a Dove $2.00 coupon.

Participants "Play Detective and Put Your Bar or Body Wash to the Test." To start you need to pick the body wash or bar that you currently have in your shower from a choice of 13 different products.According to which brand you chose, you are then served a custom video that describes the "truth" of what is wrong with the brand you chose. I chose Nivea and the woman in the video demonstrated how Nivea is harsher than Dove. Dove TruthTuesdayYou can then proceed to see if you're an instant winner and if not you're invited to come back tomorrow and try again. Pretty clever I think. You also have the option to play a few games such as a word scan, a forensic mix-up or a photo analysis. Of course everyone can share and invite their friends to play as well.

In reviewing the Dove Facebook page I found it very interesting how they are engaging with their fans. They post something at least once a day and they asks many questions. As part of the Dove Truth Files Campaign they are posting updates every Tuesday that invite fans to "come clean". Here's yesterday's #TruthTuesday, "Come clean about what you REALLY do when your kids leave the dinner table".

If you have a Facebook Business page, or are managing one for a client, what have you done to optimize it over the past year since the new Timeline was introduced? You first need to decide what you want people to do once they are there. The Facebook page consists of these key areas you should be focusing on:

  • The Cover or Banner Image - update it frequently have make sure it reflects the brand.
  • The Profile Image - This shows up in the fans news feeds so make sure it is sized properly.
  • Tabs - These images that are located under the banner image and link to your apps and photos. These can all be moved, except for the photos tab. So make sure you have those at the top you want to give priority to.
  • Photo Tab - This will always display the last photo that you upload, so make sure it a brand friendly image.
  • About Section - Include basic information along with links back to the company's website, blogs, and other sites.

Looking back over the past ear since Timeline was launched it appears that a Facebook business page now is a required element in everyone's marketing mix. It's not easy keeping up with the latest technology and new social and mobile platforms. Right now I've been focusing on updating my blog with a new look on a WordPress platform and hope to launch it this week. So check back soon and take a look to see the New Donna's Promo Talk. Let me know what you think and thanks again for being a reader.


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