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Friday Musings - What is wrong with people?

Grumpy-old-lady-and-meby Yvonne DiVita

I'm surrounded by caring people who go that extra mile, each and every day, so when confronted with the gross negligence and ignorance of 'other' people... I find myself wondering, "What is wrong with people?" 

I'm serious. How can anyone...any sentient being...cause so much pain and suffering - so much abuse and terror? I guess some of these people are just plain mean. Or they have no souls. I guess some of them start out meaning well and fall into...tough times, without knowing what to do or who to turn to. I guess some are just stupid. No, not stupid, uneducated. It's not the same thing.

I'm talking about people who perpetuate cruelty and anger on animals. On innocent beings that exist for no other purpose than to love you. Innocent beings that have no voice but live, breathe and FEEL, just as warmly, deeply and purposefully as you and I. It will baffle me now and forever to know this cruelty exists.

But, more than that... the larger issue is this: why do otherwise smart, intelligent, so-called 'caring' people...look the other way?

Why is it not a major felony to harm a defenseless animal? (in my state, CO, you might go to jail for 6 years and incur a fine of $500,000 but the operative word is 'might') Why is harming a puppy or a kitten, or an elderly dog/cat because he or she has become incontinent and hard to care for...not as serious as harming... you or I? You and I have more defenses...and, at the very least, we can pick up a phone or run for help... and have the "law" on our side. Animals are lost...and often neglected and suffer such great mistreatment, both by the cruel people who abuse them and the system we do not have in place to protect them.  3-dog-night

Animals have no protection. Rather than treat cruelty as it should be treated - with seriousness and anger, with punishment to fit the crime (yes, if you run a dog fighting ring and kill and abuse dogs - you go to jail for life. You do not get out...ever... you have given up your right to walk among the rest of us), we turn the other cheek and allow abusers to pay a fine, serve a little bit of jail time, and then... not only have more pets, but be treated as celebrities.

Ok... that's an unusual case.

For the most part, the general public abhors animal cruelty. We are shocked by it and often raise up to shake our fists at it. But, we're not doing enough about it. Why? Because we're too busy doing other things - because we think someone else will do it - because it's not important enough. 

It IS important enough... because in the end, if we ignore these animals - if we expect someone else to do what's right - if we plan to get to it tomorrow... we are part of the problem and there will never be a solution.

I return to my question - what is wrong with people? And the answer is - it lies in their hearts. If they have no heart, they are no longer human and that's what's wrong with them. If they have heart, they act.

Will you act, today? 


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