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Mobil 1 and Walmart free oil change sweeps invites customers to sign up for mobile care care tips

By Guest Blogger, Donna DeClemente, Donna's Promo Talk

Moms A new study by Alliance Data found that more than half (51%) of smartphone or tablet owning moms use their mobile device as part of their shopping experience either daily or weekly with more than a third (35%) using them daily, base

They surveyed women who have one to two children, and found the top reasons that most of them (56%) use mobile devices to shop is that it’s fast/easy, they have no time to go to a mall or store and they can more easily compare prices. They found that the number one way that moms incorporate their mobile device into their shopping experience is that they like to receive SMS/text messages from retailers. In fact, SMS was the only category that a majority (52%) said they used to incorporate mobile into their shopping experience.

With that information I wanted to share a new promotion that recently kicked off that I've been involved with for almost a year. We've been working with Triad Retail Media who specialize in creating and managing online media programs for some major retail e-commerce websites such as Walmart, Sam's Club, Dollar General, CVS and Toys R Us. These custom digital ad campaigns are created for a variety of national brands to help them reach their customers and engage with shoppers at the right time while they’re researching brands and making final purchase decisions.

Mobile1-WalmartFor 40 days Mobil 1 is giving away free oil changes from a Walmart Tire Lube Express. All Walmart customers need to do is visit the Mobil 1 website to enter the sweepstakes and sign up to receive car care tips on their mobile device from Mobil 1.

The entry form includes a short survey to help gain additional insights into these customers such as gender, age, how often they may use a Walmart Tire Lube Express, type of oil used, age of vehicle and who is primary decision maker for auto care in the family.

Mobil1Besides the entry form, banner ads are also inviting customers to enter via text message by texting Mobil1 to the shortcode 50101. Those that enter the sweepstakes by this method receive an additional text message inviting them to opt-in to receive the future car care tips.

Mobil1-TextWe are again using the Signal platform to create and host our sweepstakes promotion which collects the different methods of entry, both the SMS and the web landing page, into one database. It then allows us to maintain an SMS list of all the subscribers in order to send out the car care tips to them via their mobile device.

We will be drawing 40 winners, one per day, and at the end of the promotion. All winners will receive a Walmart gift card good to cover the cost of a oil change at a Walmart Tire Lube Express along with a Mobil 1 hat.

It will be interesting to see the final stats and gain insights into female vs male participants and who they say is their primary car care decision maker in the family. In my household it's definitely my husband. However, he's not the norm. This is someone who recently rebuilt the engine of a 1985 Spitfire that he owns.

I'm the one though that does do the majority of the food and household shopping and using my iPhone and my iPad more and more these days!


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