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Shopping Tips from A Personal Shopper

Personal Shopper Shopping Tips
Personal shopper tip: Size doesn’t matter, but fit does.

Do you only try on one size, and if it doesn’t fit you give up on that piece of clothing? Instead of passing on that item, why not try it on in another size, even if that means going a size up.

For instance, when looking for the right fit in pants or a skirt, look for a smooth fit at the hip, and if needed have a tailor take in the waist . Men use tailors all the time, and you never hear a man complain about what size they wear.
Women, on the other hand are very self conscious about what size they wear. I see too many women pass up on getting a great fit simply because they won’t wear anything not in ‘their’ size. There is even a women’s clothing line that does not put the size label in a visible spot on their jackets, so that women do not feel uncomfortable when the jacket is resting on the back of a chair. So cut your size label out if you cannot stand the sight of it, but remember that nothing looks or feels better than a good fit.
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wardrobe stylist

“I’m the first one to tell people, when they compliment me on how I look, that I have a secret weapon: Wardrobe Stylist Scarlett Debease. I’ve worked with Scarlett for years now and recommend her heartily to family, friends and colleagues. She not only shops with me for beautiful pieces to add to my wardrobe, but she also comes to my home and coordinates the new purchases with the rest of my wardrobe, then photographs the outfits to create my own personal look-book. I NEVER have to think, “What will I wear today?” I simply consult my look-book and get dressed. I know I’ve saved time and money using Scarlett’s invaluable service.”—Jane Pollak

Jane Pollak, Inc.


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