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The Must Have Perfect, One Size Fits All, Little Black Dress

But there are fun deviations to almost all rules, and I have found the cutest and most useful exception.

The perfect LBD, Little Black Dress, that every woman should have in her closet  is exclusive to the  Container Store and is a one size fits all dress.

This must have LBD, holds and organizes your earrings, necklaces, bracelet and rings. I cannot think of a single woman who would not benefit from this adorable jewelry organizer, and that includes me!
Little Black Dress
Remember that when you can easily see your jewelry, you will be able to better accesorize your outfits and actually wear more of what you own and get more creative in your choices.

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wardrobe stylist 

“As the owner of a marketing agency, personal shopper Scarlett understood the “look” I wanted to achieve. She presented me with mix-and-match options that were age-appropriate and budget-friendly. Now, I feel much more confident when I am making new business presentations, facilitating client meetings and attending networking events. I actually look forward to getting dressed each day. I can’t wait to shop with Scarlett again!”
—Heather B. Habelka, Principal, Red Poppy Marketing  

© Scarlett De Bease & Scarlett Image, All Rights Reserved


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Carol Bryant

Okay that is way cute and I am adding to my Christmas list.

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