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4 Instant Makeover Tips for Summer


Summer is here, the air conditioners are humming, and I bet you want quick and easy ways to update your look without losing your cool. 

So here are 4 instant makeover tips for you, that you can easily and without any expense, start implementing right now to update your looks.

#1. Wear your top out and not tucked into your waist. This will instantly make you appear thinner and taller and will also take a few years off your look.

#2. Change your hairstyle. Try bangs, change the side you part your hair, pull it back or wear your hair loose. Just try to wear it differently than you usually do, and next time you are due for a cut and or color, let the stylist make a suggestion rather than you telling him or her what you want. Hair grows back, so be open to experimenting a bit, and embrace change for a change.

#3. Don’t wear the same outfit over and over again. Instead of grabbing the same top and bottom that you always do, combine pieces that you normally don’t put together. Try wearing a nicer than ‘everyday’ top with your jeans, to update your look. or wearing another pair of shoes. And when you go shopping, DO NOT buy something you already have. Odds are you already have the black pants and white shirt! Right?

#4. Finally, the easiest and most effective wardrobe change that you can do, is to roll or push up your sleeves. This is one of the most important tips I give my clients, as by utilizing this simple styling tip, you will be amazed at what a difference it will make to your image.

Give all or any of these instant makeover tips a try, and let me know which are your favorite.

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