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Yvonne-headby Yvonne DiVita

I'm confused. It's Monday morning, the sun is shining, the day has great promise and yet, over on Facebook and elsewhere, folks are grumbling, whining, sighing and generally acting as if the world is about to come to an end.

What's up with that?

Monday is the second day of the week - not the first, although some calendars consider it the first day. Sunday is the first. And, on Sunday, most of us are home or out and about, doing the things we enjoy. On Monday, we're back to the office, and instead of complaining about it...maybe we (you, if you're one of the people in the doldrums) should embrace it.

Monday is a great day to begin new things. Start a new project. Get moving on an old project you put aside because it was too complicated or too long or too whatever. Look at this, the first work day of a great week ahead, as an opportunity to BE in the moment.


I don't quite get the whole dreading Monday thing. Yes, I know... we'd all like three or four day weekends, who wouldn't? I'm a big proponent of the four day work week, but we live in the here and now and as the here and now is our current status, why not make the best of it? Why not get excited about it? Why not use it to your best advantage?

Think of all the people who don't have Mondays...or who struggle through hardship and health issues and aren't even aware of the passing of time? Every day is the same to them. They can't celebrate... the way we can.

I love Mondays. I love the idea of a clean slate. Yes, that's how I use Mondays. They're a clean slate for me get things started, completed, or considered. Mondays make me excited to begin anew. And, WOW, I get four of them every month! How fantastic is that?

Monday is a great day of the week. It leads into Tuesday and then Wednesday and before you know it, it's Friday. By the time Friday rolls around, I hope you've accomplished the goals you set for yourself on Monday. I hope you can high-five yourself and/or a colleague and feel good about the entire week. I hope you will look back and say, "This all started with Monday. Monday's are the greatest thing ever!"

Welcome to Monday - the day that will change your life for the better. If you want it to.


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Michelle Brown

Mondays are just another day to me,i do not do a 9-5 so i do not feel the hassle of waking up early to go to work.But i can see why many people hate Mondays,its just like getting out from your relaxed time and having to go back to a job they probably dislike.


I've never gotten the Monday Blues, but it seems like EVERYONE I know has had a really tough few months at work lately. Yes, I know we are all lucky to be employed and there are many people worse off, but I feel like everyone I know is so overworked that we are all being actually physically affected. Maybe that's why people are complaining?


When I was in a job from hell, Mondays (actually any day of the week that didn't start in an S) were a form of torture. I didn't want to get up and go in to the office where I wasn't appreciated and couldn't perform to my true potential. I knew, even then, that it wasn't the calendar's fault, and that I had to leave that horrible place.

I stumbled into a fabulous new position where I look forward to going in every day, which is great because today is day 12 without a break. That is fine because I love what I do ... and because I have much of these week off as a result.

When in a job that is a good firt, Mondays have always seemed to me like those moments before a first date begins and the full potential of the universe is still possible.

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