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Three Secrets to Getting Your Blog Noticed

Alicia Lawrence-headshotby guest blogger Alicia Lawrence

Blogging has become a popular way to make a little extra money and become a thought leader in your industry. But writing thousands of words and posting content everyday doesn’t do you much good if no one ever reads your blog. Out of thousands of sites on the web, how do you get people to come to your corner of the Internet?

After you’ve done the common traffic building steps, there are three secrets successful bloggers will admit that led to their tipping point of popularity.

Interview Experts in Your Field

No matter what you write about there are always experts in that field. And like all humans, they love the spotlight to be on them. This clever tactic plays on their popularity and vanity to get more traffic to your blog.

First, do a basic Google search to find experts who write on popular blogs in your niche. Think about what kind of questions you could ask them to make a compelling article that your readers and their readers would love. Make sure those questions haven’t already been done before by another blogger.

The article doesn’t have to be a complete Q&A, just use a few quotes from the expert to add authority to a well-written post. Or you can interview a handful of experts, not all of them have to own a blog, about a few set questions that you know would make a compelling must-read.

Second, reach out to those experts about doing a quick interview either oven the phone or email. Alicia Lawrence Brown-nose a little and say why you respect the person or mention an article they wrote that really spoke to you.

Third, after publishing the interview in an appealing post, share it multiple times on all your social networks. Make sure to tag your experts in the article and give them personal shout outs (best done on #FollowFriday). Email your article link to the experts individually thanking them for their time and great advice.

If you played your cards right, the experts will not only spread your article via social media but also will link to it on their blog.

Guest Post

Swapping posts and writing for other blogs can be one of the most beneficial tactics you can use to build your readership. This gives you the opportunity to plug in a link or two to your blog, which will both increase page rank and drive traffic to your blog through clicks.  

A guest post gives readers in your niche the chance to taste your writing style and try you on for size. When you guest post, always share the post on your social channels and respond to comments promptly. Guest posting is a two-way street, make sure you are fulfilling your end of the duty and know what the other person expects in return.

Besides your byline, try to link to one of your best articles in the content. The link should be relevant to what you are writing about and placed in the top half of the post. The more links you place in an article the lower your click-through-rate will be. Out of politeness, link to a few high authority sources and one to a relevant article on the blog you are guest posting on.

Create an Extremely Awesome Piece of Content

I know you probably try to make every article amazing but if you can bring all your brilliance in just one article it can bring you thousands of readers. What might this brilliance look like? Here are two examples:

Jon Negroni recently discovered this secret when he created his tremendously long and detailed article called The Pixar Theory. In a matter of days, his relatively new blog had a spike of traffic as millions flocked to read his theory. Over 4,000 comments later and an incredible amount of shares and retweets, Jon’s Pixar Theory had been syndicated to an estimated 700 websites. This is the ultimate secret to getting your blog noticed—creating awesome content.

Social icons

Awesome posts come in all different forms; it can be a video, infographic, or picture post. Our next example comes from a business’ blog. Clarity Way is a rehab center with typically a handful of views on each blog post, which inevitably drives traffic to their site.

They recently published The Curse of the Child Star infographic that took three famous child actors and broke down their drug abuse timeline. The infographic was syndicated on around 10 sites but this awesome piece of content was still able to boost their traffic from 500 to 5,000 views each post.

Your extremely awesome piece of content may not go viral like Jon Negroni’s but even little successes over time will build up you readership. Clarity Way continues to create infographics that build up their readership each time.

BIO: Alicia Lawrence is a content coordinator for WebpageFX and blogs in her free time at MarCom Land. Her work has been published by the Association for Business Communication, Yahoo! Small Business, and Spin Sucks.  


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