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Vote now or your favorite eco-friendly cause on the Banrock Station Wine Facebook Page

By Guest Blogger, Donna DeClemente, Donna's Promo Talk

Banrock StationThis week we launched our second promotion for Accolade Wines. This one for their Banrock Station brand, fine Australian wines that also strive to bring the message of conservation to the world. Part of the proceeds of every sale of these wines is donated to environmental projects around the globe which have already contributed to conservation projects in 13 countries.

Banrock Station VoteBanrock Station has partnered with the Wildlife Conservation Society to launch this Vote For Your Favorite Cause promotion that is featured on the Banrock Station Wine USA Facebook Page. Facebook fans are invited to vote for their favorite cause from the three featured which are Saving Wild Places, Saving Ocean Giants, and Wildlife Healthcare
Wild Places Ocean Giants Wildlife Heathcarefor Animals. Fans can cast one vote per day for their favorite cause and the first 100 fans that vote will receive a Eco friendly Banrock water bottle. Votes will be collected up till the end of this year. The cause that accumulates the most votes at the end of the promotion will receive a $25,000 donation from Banrock Station.

The promotion is being promoted on neck ringers featured on bottles of Banrock Station wines and point-of-sale displays at retail. I have set up the promotion in the Shortstack Facebook application that we utilize for all our Facebook promotions and using the voting tool. Each person that votes will need to fill out the short form so that we can collect their email address/or Facebook profile in order to manage just one vote per day. We are also collecting mailing addresses so that we can send the first 100 their water bottles. After we reach 100 participates we will update the form so not to ask for this data.

With each vote, fans are encouraged to share on their Facebook page and also to invite friends. I shared this on my Promo Talk page today and I wanted to try out the new Facebook feature that lets you embed posts on your site, so here it is. Pretty cool new feature, but I did find out that you can only embed posts that are on pages, not personal profiles.

The first promotion we launched for Accolade wines was for the Geyser Peak Wine Brand.  I wrote about the Geyser Peak and Jarlsberg Cheese Recipe Contest back in July that is still  going on if you want to check that out.

So for now, please raise a glass of Banrock Station wine and help raise funds for conservation!


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