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How Can a Dog Help You Sniff Out What’s Missing From Your Life?

Paw and Hand

Have you ever had one of those moments? A moment where you know something is absent in your life.

Even if you are in a happy place, it seems to be human nature for our minds to churn up thoughts about goals or accomplishments one is still yearning for.

A Game of Fetch About Life

For the majority of my life, I have loved and lived with dogs. Each time, I am in their presence I feel like I am at peace.

A few weeks ago while I was playing fetch with Bella, DiDi and Toby, otherwise known as my “Poodle Pack,” an unexpected thing happened. I was overcome with thoughts about how I wished there was someone special I could share my life with.

Currently, I am a single woman so these types of thoughts have popped into my head before but this time they really stuck with me.

I resumed playing with my dogs but it was like they became aware of the questions occupying my brain.

Suddenly, I had three sets of poodle eyes focused on me as if I were a barbeque flavored chew toy.  

Woof Equals Clarity?

It is no secret that for most people, the simple act of playing with a dog can reduce stress and anxiety but apparently it can also bring you to a place where clarity is abundant.

I wondered how I had been skipping over this important gap in my life. Am I too busy to know what it is that I truly want? Why I am hiding behind my dogs?

I had no idea that a few minutes of canine interaction would bring about such deep questions but I seized the chance to explore.

Admittedly, I surrounded myself with my furry protectors who love me unconditionally because I still had scars from last relationship, which ended like the Hindenburg disaster.

I want to find a kind, honest, hard working and dog loving man but until that powerful moment I didn’t know that I was ready to start looking.

No Thumbs, No Problem

Our dogs are more than pets. Instead, they are true friends who allow us to feel comfortable enough to explore our own shortcomings.

Dogs don’t relay judgmental comments or ask why we aren’t doing something.  Most of the time, these are normal human reactions even when the best of intentions are meant.  

Nonetheless, when grappling with love gone wrong and feeling glum about the prospects out there these things become difficult to discuss.

Dogs listen and can sense what we are feeling. This is probably why I had my aha moment about love while surrounded by my Poodle Pack even though I have a wonderful human support system.

Allow yourself to embrace the quiet moments when realizations can surface and be dealt with. Maybe all you need is a wagging tail to help you remember what you really want?

By Margot Ahlquist,creator of Paws to Talk, professional life coach and blogger. Join the pack of hundreds living happier lives at www.pawstotalk.com.


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