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Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

Have you ever just woken up and thought "wow I feel so great about myself?" For many people, that isn't Picture1 the first thing we think of. I know, for me as a breast cancer survivor, I have to force myself to find something to feel good about -- on some days, other days I wake up happy to be alive and then I feel great about everything.

Naturally, there are times when you are more comfortable than others; you can attribute that to any number of factors ranging from being happy with your physical self, being in a good (or bad) place mentally or emotionally and even feeling good about your work or career choices.

On those days when you stare in the mirror hoping for a different aka better outcome, those are the days when you need to step back and ask, "Am I in touch with my true self? Do I even know who my true self is?”

When you're looking for your "inner you" try this: 

  • What do you truly love to do? Bake? Crochet? Read? Take a walk? Volunteer? When is the last time you pursued any of these hobbies? 
  • This goes along with the first question, but what do you do right now -- today -- that makes you lose track of time? Is it any of the above or do you have different items that lure you in? Gardening? Crochet? Playing or listening to music? Exercising? Journaling? Taking the dog for a walk? Write those down and make sure you plan to do those items regularly. Indulge yourself.
  • Do you know what your ideal vacation is? Where your ideal vacation spot is? Is there a way you could plan a day trip that could encompass one or both of them? Can you plan for a vacation in the next six months that will combine your passions? 
  • When you go to a book store, what sections lure you in? If you're browsing for magazines, which ones do you pick up first? Stop and think about this because if you're having a hard time narrowing your passion -- uncovering your true self -- these simple actions might just give you insight into long buried interests or may pique new ones.

Spend some time with your answers then put together an action plan to make them happen. Write them down. Get yourself a journal and jot notes. Or better yet, put together a Pinterest board where you can share photos of those things that move you and help show your inner self to the world. They don’t have to happen all at once, but you do need to take time out of your week to simply be in tune with yourself; it will help you recharge your mental energies and make the rest of the week more bearable.

Robbi Hess, Social Wordsmith, is a professional blogger, social media consultant, content strategist and creative thinker. She works with entrepreneurs providing professional writing services including: writing web copy, newsletters, guest and ghost blogging. She is also a speaker on the subjects of time management, writing and productivity.


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