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Tom-Yvonne-BlogPaws2013by Yvonne DiVita

Dan Schawbel says there are "new rules for career success"... in his latest book, Promote Yourself, The New Rules for Career Success.  This is Dan's second book and in my opinion it's a must-read for all business and career-focused folk.

I can only brush the surface of what you'll learn by not only reading but studying this, here goes. I'm going to quote a few phrases or bits of his advice and add my thoughts. And I'll sum up at the end.

"Your job description is just the beginning." Key point here is to understand that you may be hired to do this or that... but you WILL be required to do more. The 21st century isn't like the 20th century, folks. As Dan's says, "Always be on the lookout for new projects and collaborations with other groups, and do as much training and development as possible." My take-away: don't depend on your employer for everything. Be pro-active and improve your skills on your own time. You'll be glad you did.

"Your reputation is the single greatest asset you have." I want you to read that again, write it down, and post it somewhere you can see it. You are what Google and Facebook say you are. Yes, that little picture of you with your bra on your head, your butt sticking out mooning folks... that's you. I'll remember it if I ever have to interview you for a position.

Further along in the book, Dan shares Six Rules of Self Promotion - here are the three you absolutely Promote Yourself cover need to focus on, but don't discount the other three... get the book and learn what they are.

  1. Make yourself worthy of being talked about.
    Don't forget, your reputation is the single greatest asset you have." Be talked about with respect and admiration. Not... disrespect and derision.
  2. Take responsibility.
    Showcase your talents, not at the expense of others, but in relation to - and own up to your mistakes. Please.
  3. Make others look good.
    Dan says "especially your manager" but, I say, the more you can help others achieve, the more you will achieve. Best paraphrase of ZigZiglar ever, don't you think? In my CEO group, many years ago, we were taught that our first job, before everything else we do, is to make everyone on our team successful. If each team member makes that a commitment, the team wins. And each individual wins. 

I've only touched the surface here, folks. I recommend this book as the #1 read of the year for all career minded folk. Dan focuses on his own generation, Millennials, but I was struck by how important his insight is to all of us. I urge all generations to buy this book and read it - keep it on your desk - refer to it often - learn from it by exploring the content he shares and the reality he presents. Then, make sure you share it. I am especially talking to the WOMEN out there... who need this advice more than anyone!

Hey, check out the Promote Yourself Video Trailer... does he know how to promote himself, or what?

As I was reading this book, I was actually thinking about other things. I was thinking about social media and my kids. My kids are Millennials. They fit his description well, but not perfectly. Only one of my kids is an entrepreneur, the other two are good, old-fashioned employees. But, all of my kids could learn from this book - learn how to make things happen, in a world that touts 'social' as the be-all and end-all of life. Dan puts that to rest, while supporting the best parts of it.

DanSchawbelWe are all social. We are all people with heart. We are all in this together. This book is a great resource to learning social skills, working with heart, and being open to playing well with others - something Moms have been trying to teach us for hundreds of years.

I want to thank Dan for allowing me to be a reviewer of this book, and to read it before it was officially out to the public.

It's out now... why are you still reading this blog post, get over to Amazon and buy it! (and then come back and share your thoughts in the comments... I would love to hear what you think of it!)



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