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A Concerned Pack of Dogs: How Can We Make the World Better?


To Whom it May Concern:

Lately, we have been noticing that life in our world and neighborhood has become very tough. More humans are sad and worried. We have been working overtime providing cuddles.

Even when we sit in front of the big bright thing in the living room we see humans suffering. Stories of violence, poverty and loss with a hint of overly dramatic reality TV seem to demonstrate what is going on. When humans hurt, we do too.

We haven’t even gotten into the issues our animals friends are facing. Some are having to fend for themselves on the street or are waiting for a new family in the shelter.

There is too much despair around us. We don’t want to live this way. How can we make things better?

-A concerned pack of dogs


Everything you said above is unfortunately a reality in our world today. Even though we believe that animals should have more responsibilities in our society, none of us have yet to be elected to office.

Until that happens, there are several things we can do to brighten the horizon. Below are some suggestions.

Focus on Your Home

Forget about the world for now. Sure there are huge problems everywhere but work on the ones within your reach.

If one of your humans lost their job, see if you can pitch in. If someone is sick, make sure you are by their side serving them. Bring the stray animal(s) in your neighborhood some kibble. The world seems better when the home front is at peace.

Organize With Others

It sounds like your pack is a tight-knit unit. Writing to us was a positive step in helping the situation. However, make sure you spread the word further. Let others into your pack that want to make the community better. Don’t believe the naysayers who call you just some pack of dogs. You are more powerful than you think.

Use Your Gifts

We don’t mean to use those plush toys you got on your birthday but rather your talents. Are you a great entertainer? Excellent! Put on some shows around the neighborhood. Maybe you are very ambitious? Fantastic! Use it to push the humans out the door to be productive.

Find out what your gift is and use it. As an aside, if plush toys can be used for good then we are all for it.

Keep your heads up. Put one paw in front of the other. Before you know it, things will be better.


Bella and DiDi


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By Margot Ahlquist, creator of Paws to Talk. Dogs Don't Overcomplicate Their Lives So Why Should We? Join the Pack of Hundreds Living Happier Lives at


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