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DiDi the Poodle: 5 Ways to Have More Fun

DiDi at pool


My daddy always says that I should work now and play later. I think half of him is right (I am not sure if it is his top half or bottom half). While nothing feels better than finishing a long yard patrol session, I am not a yard patrolling robot.

Some days, I don’t want to patrol and would prefer to spend time with my neighborhood friends or help a human with a kitchen project. A poodle has to kick up her paws every now and then. Maybe I should join the Rockettes?

Since I am known as the most fun-loving animal in my house (my sister Bella still disputes this), I am here to suggest 5 ways for you to have more fun.

1. Have a Dance Party

Who cares if you can’t dance well? Put your favorite songs on and move. Just make sure you don’t do the pee-pee dance. That might send the wrong message.

2. Act Like a Puppy

The other day, after a storm monster left our yard, the sun came out and brought us a beautiful day. Bella and I ran around like we were back with our litters.

Even one of the humans left her house chores behind to come out and play with us. Find moments like this where you can be a puppy without causing trouble.

3. Take a Trip

Go somewhere amazing that you have always wanted to visit. If you aren’t able to do that (not everyone has enough bones in the bank to travel) then plan a local adventure. Maybe you can go camping in your own yard?

Some of the best adventures I have had were just over the stone wall outside of the yard where Bella and I play. 

You don't always have to go far to get away. 

4. Flirt

If you are single and a cute animal without a partner catches your eye, then why not? It is very satisfying to have a romantic flirt. Plus, you never know where a flirt can lead.

I have witnessed many love stories that began with a flirt.

5. Phone a Friend

I love connecting with my friends that live far away. It is always exciting to hear who is expecting a new litter, out in the world pursuing their dreams or redecorating their dog house.

When the humans aren't looking Bella and I get our paws dialing. 

Life is too short to not eat premium kibble and add more joy to your days.


DiDi the Poodle


By Margot Ahlquist, founder of Paws to Talk. Dogs don't overcomplicate life, so why should we? Join the pack of hundreds living happier lives at


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