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Halloween Promotions to help celebrate our pets

 By Guest Blogger, Donna DeClemente, Donna's Promo Talk

Despicable-MeYou can get a pretty good idea of what will be some of the most popular costumes this Halloween by following the latest search trends on Google, Bing and Yahoo. Information services group, Experian, has ranked Minion, the character from the movie "Despicable Me," at No. 1. The remaining top 10 searches have been for Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Minnie Mouse, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Batman, Minecraft, Queen of Hearts, and Pirate followed. So I guess we soon will be seeing these trick or treaters at our door.

Here's a couple of fun Halloween promotions I'd like to share with you.

Purina-Halloween-Instant-WiWe are again assisting Purina with a Halloween promotion running on the Walmart Pet Park titled The Scary Snack-Ovator Instant Win Game. Participants are invited to hop on the elevator in the Mystery Mansion for a chance to be one of 25,000 lucky guests that win a free Purina treat. Once in the elevator they just have to input their email address to take the ride. If a winner, they will receive a coupon valued at up to $3.00 for one 6oz package of Purina Beggin brand Dog Snack or one 2.1oz package of Purina Friskies Party Mix Cat Treats. Purina even created a fun Mystery Mansion video that you can view on the site.


For this promotion we are utilizing the SignalHQ  API. This allows us to set the nth number of winners and monitor the traffic so that we can make sure the coupon prizes do not run out before the end date of October 31. We currently have given away almost 17,000 coupon prizes, so we have more to award!

Pet360 TricksforTreats_photo_entry_bannerAnother fun Halloween promotion is being run by my friends over at Pet360, the parent company of BlogPaws. Their Tricks for Treats Halloween Contest invited members to submit photos of their pets performing a paw-tastic trick. The submission period is now over and the judges have chosen 5 finalists in both the photo category and the video category. Starting today they have opened it up to a public vote. One submission with the most votes from each category will be the grand prize winners who will each receive $1000 worth of Halo products for their pet(s). Additionally, Freekibble.com will donate 10,000 meals of Halo Spot’s Stew to each winner’s animal shelter of choice. 360 Pet PhotoThe eight remaining finalists will each receive $50 worth of Halo products.

Here's my choice for my favorite photo and my favorite video is the CopycatDOG Trick. You can see all the photo finalists here and the video finalists here. They are allowing on vote per person per day up until October 27 and they plan to announce the winners on October 30. So check it out.

Have a great Halloween. Feel free to share any of your favorite Halloween promotions here.


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Donna DeClemente

Thanks Carol. I'll have to hop on over and check out the dog photo contest. I have two of my own dogies to possibly enter!

Carol Bryant

OOOOH can't wait to go enter these. I also have a big photo contest for dogs over on Fidose of Reality, too: http://fidoseofreality.com/fidose-halloween-dog-photo-contest-2013-launches/

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