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Yvonne-head-squareby Yvonne DiVita, Follow Us on Facebook and Twitter

I'm tired of the men in this country constantly bickering. It used to be women who bickered. At least, that's our reputation. Truth is, women get things done. 

The article shared here, via CNN, rocked my world today and I had to share. Read it, share it, comment on it, tell me what you'd do to solve the government shut down, in other words, be a woman and man up.

Because, in the end, unless we get behind each other and take charge, these men are going to run us into ruin. Why? Because they can. Because they care about no one but themselves. Because they aren't looking at what's truly happening, they are looking at getting their own way. Unfortunately, while all of them believe 'their way' is the best way, the only way, women are getting things done, as we always do.

It doesn't matter which SIDE you're on. The issue of who's right and who's wrong can be decided later. The issue of how to get the government back up and running is of prime importance. And please, don't complain about the 'situation'... read: Affordable Care Act. It was voted on and passed, live with it. Overturn it the RIGHT way, if you must, but stop holding the country hostage.

Enjoy the article, excerpted below: 

Men Dither While Women Lead the World by Hanna Rosin on CNN Opinion


This has not been a shining week for the patriarchy. The men in suits dither, posture, plan negotiation sessions and then cancel them, and employ copious military metaphors -- "wage battle," "refuse to surrender" -- to no effect. Increasingly they become associated in the minds of the American people with verbs normally used to describe toddlers, such as "tantrum" or "throw a fit."

Competence, meanwhile belongs to the women, particularly in the usually macho world of global finance. Over in Europe, Merkel was re-elected on the basis of her deft handling of the eurozone crisis, and in the United States, monetary policy was entrusted to Yellen. Making the victory extra sweet for women, she was chosen instead of Lawrence Summers, who will forever be remembered for saying women aren't that good at math.
I could not have said it better myself. Go, Hanna.



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My thoughts exactly. It's time for the children to be labeled for what they are and take back parental control. Women rule.

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