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Bissell showcases how to effectively run holiday promotions on their Facebook pages

By Guest Blogger, Donna DeClemente, Donna's Promo Talk

I realized today as I sat down to continue my coverage of 2013 Holiday promotions, that this is the last Wednesday before Christmas. It really snuck up on us quickly this year. Here I was thinking I had more time to write about this topic. So I decided to cover a couple of holiday promotions from Bissell that are very similar to one another. Those of us like me that have pets in the home are very familiar with this brand and will appreciate at least one of these promotions.

Bissell Partners for PetsBissell is one of the first big brands that I have seen that is utilizing their Facebook page (no application) to run these two holiday promotions. The first promotion is on the Bissell Partners for Pets Facebook page and is called "Hope for the Holidays" Sweepstakes.It started on December 9 and continues just till this Friday. Each day they have offered chances to win Bissell products to their fans. A daily winner is also able to choose their favorite Partners 4 Pets member organization to receive a $1,000 gift from the Bissell Pet Foundation.

Each day the Bissell social media team posts a question on the Facebook page along with promoting one of their products which is that day's daily prize. To enter all you need to do is comment on the post (and they encourage you to Like the page and become a fan). The following day the winners are randomly drawn from all those that left a comment (up to 12 winners per day). Bissell then notifies the winners by commenting on each winner's comment and then announces them on the Facebook page. Only one randomly selected winner per day will be able to choose the qualifying organization to receive the $1,000 gift. A total of 12 different daily prizes valued at over $2,000 are being awarded along with a total of $12,000 in gifts.

Bissell-12-Days-of-messes-2Bissell's other promotion is running on the main Bissell Facebook Page and is called "The 12 Days of Holidays Messes" Sweepstakes. This promotion has the same promotion period as the Partners for Pets Sweepstakes and follows the same format. The difference here is that each daily comment follows the 12 Days of Christmas theme and focuses on a different kind of mess. Again there are a total of 12 prizes, each a Bissell product that is being given away with the same total prize value, just no donation gift here.

Bissell 12 Days of messesFrom what I can see on both Facebook pages the participation of each sweepstakes and number of daily comments looks very positive. The rules state that the sponsor has the right to delete and disqualify any comment that doesn't comply with the submission requirements. All the comments appear to be theme related, so Bissell is not only engaging their fans, they are getting some good insights into how their products are being or would be utilized.

We just assisted a client with running a sweepstakes on their Facebook page without an application and supplied the Official Rules for them. It just ended and was only a two-week promotion, which is a good fit for this type of sweepstakes. However, they got very little participation. I'm not sure if they had enough time to get the word out about it. So again, it comes down to how well you promote the sweepstakes and how relevant the prizes are to your audience. Their audience in this case was more B2B then consumer, so that may have been an issue as well.

I've been participating in both Bissell promotions, especially the Bissell Pet Partners Hope for the Holidays Sweepstakes. I really want Bissell's steam mop product since I have hard wood floors and one of our two dogs is a golden retriever, Shadow, who sheds all year. I hope Santa is reading this! Happy Holidays everyone!


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