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The other day I was stunned as I watched multiple news reports on people assaulting each other over the latest electronic gadget during a Black Friday- rage blackout sale.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good bargain too but to hit someone over an iPhone is going over the edge. I wanted to reach through the TV and shake these people. 

Then I wondered what this time of year would be like if our four-legged friends had command over the holiday season.

No Thumbs, No Problem

Even though dogs are lacking certain physical features that pose logistical problems, their attitude helps to make up for any shortcomings.

Customer service attendants should have to study the dog before helping the public. They would learn the art of never giving up, emoting true compassion and not stopping until others are happy.

Dogs rarely shy away from a task. Instead of thinking about how much effort it will take, they just try their best to make it happen.

Hugs Are Back In Style

If dogs were in charge of the holiday season, there would be more joy in the air. The thing that I love most about dogs is their ability to love unconditionally.

No matter how many times they have had their hearts broken in the past, dogs are still willing to care for others with all of their being. Of course, they can have reservations about being hurt again but those feelings never hold them back.

A dog doesn’t know what a grudge is.

What if we could be open to love again no matter how badly we were hurt before?

Envision sitting at the dinner table with a relative who you are mad at and finding a way to connect with this person again.

Of course, you don’t have to go running off into the sunset with this relative but maybe you can enjoy their good qualities instead of focusing on the ones that drive you crazy.

Real Ball Games

Having spent the holidays with my family, friends and significant others, no matter what house I am in there is always a ball game on TV and people gathered around.

In a dog-ruled holiday season, we would all be outside throwing the ball around together.

We would also gain little holiday weight because of our time spent chasing the ball. More importantly, we would feel better about ourselves because the exercise is a mood elevator.

I have never seen a dog upset after running around or playing fetch. In most cases, they want the activity to keep going.

So when the dwindling number of shopping days bring about anxiety, stop and remember how dogs would celebrate the season.

By Margot Ahlquist, creator of Paws to Talk and professional life coach. Dogs Don't Overcomplicate Their Lives So Why Should We? Join the Pack of Hundreds Living Happier Lives at


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Carol Bryant

Very very refreshing. I want dogs in charge!

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