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Guest post by Katie Parsons

Meeting the demands of work and home life as a parent is an admirable task.  Most working moms may feel overwhelmed and wonder how to cope when life pulls them in every direction, but most manage to do it all – and succeed.  A survey from The Korn/Ferry Institute even found that motherhood doesn’t necessarily limit a career – it can help some women earn promotions and perform their jobs better.

Picture1Contrary to popular belief, motherhood does pay off and it isn’t an automatic detriment to a career.  Working moms don’t need to feel guilty.  Here are some lessons women learn from being a mom, and how to put those to great use in the workplace:

Prioritize, just like you manage your household and kids’ needs at home.

It’s all about prioritizing and taking charge.  You know you have a specific number of things that must get done.  So start working on your to-do list or delegate the tasks.  Determine which are of highest priority and which ones can wait until later.  You become more efficient and focused after you become a mother, so use that to your advantage.

When you are busy at home and everywhere you look, juggling tasks become second nature. You do what you have to do to keep your home running smoothly.  Your ability to manage your time well is a great trait to bring to your workplace.

Allow those who work under you to become stars.

Motherhood can help make you less controlling and more accepting of others at work.  Just as you want your kids to succeed, you realize that it’s okay if they make mistakes.  You can do the same in the workplace.  Instead of fearing your team members will make a big mistake – or the opposite, totally outshine you – seek the best for them.  Try to push aside your insecurities and let others grow.  Doing so can help keep yourself happy and healthy in a leadership position.

Be patient, even when it’s nearly impossible.

Kids aren’t always easy.  They push your buttons, test your patience and teach you to be calmer and a bit less demanding.  That patience you’re taught from the relationship with your kids is a lesson you can take with you the rest of your life.  Patience can help you become a better colleague and manager in the workplace.  Take advantage of your ability to slow down a little and implement it into your daily work life.

Being a working mom is a wonderful thing, particularly if your career is a big part of your identity.  Motherhood isn’t an illness or a sign of weakness.  It can actually impact working with great positivity.  Remember that while you devote your time to teaching you children, they are also teaching you – so take those lessons outside the home.  

How has motherhood made you a better employee?        

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Katie Parsons is a part-time writer for She specializes in business news affecting major markets in the U.S. helps small businesses grow their business on the web and facilitates connectivity between local businesses and more than 7,000 Chambers of Commerce worldwide. She is also the administrator for a community blog for moms.


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