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Friday Musings on a Monday

Me and Tom at last year's BlogPaws

I was thinking over the weekend about my Friday Musings - those posts I used to do every Friday. I tried to be regular about them, and I failed. Does that ever happen to you?

Do you plan to excute a schedule or campaign, and everything starts off swimmingly...then, it goes straight know where? It's not because we don't have passion for the things we do. It's not because we aren't committed to our goals. It's not because we underestimate the importance of our tasks. It's because... life gets in the way.

 As my pet community grows (we're heading to 3500 registered members any day now!) and our yearly conference looms (May 8-10th just outside of Las Vegas), I find myself chained to my computer day after day. I attend meetings (necessary evil that they are); I write content; I answer emails; I mentor my team; I get mentored by great folks at Pet360; I talk to brands and our sales team... and all sorts of other things that go into running a community of passionate pet parents who look to BlogPaws for advice and education.

That leaves little time for original content on this blog. 

Is the answer in time management? I could tap into my BFF, Maryanne Shew, who is amazing with her skills at time management and business coaching. Or, I could get up an hour earlier every day, and spend that time writing. Perhaps I could turn the TV off at night, and write a few blog posts, rather than laugh along with the many comedies I enjoy. 


I don't have the answer. What I do know is that I love Lipsticking and I love musing on life with my ladies. Life is complicated all around, from what I see. We're all stretched to our limits. We make plans to ... walk the dogs, and the dogs don't get walked. We plan to have dinner with family, and family starts without us. We plan to answer imporant emails (not about work) and... they disappear into a black hole because Windows does an update. Sigh.

I'm giving this some serious thought over the next few weeks. Lipsticking is too important to me. I can't continue neglecting it, as I have been. You can help. Write a comment and tell me what's missing. Tell me what you'd like to see. Give me a hint on the kinds of content I should be producing and the kinds of content the other writers should be producing.

It's a small favor and I would so appreciate it if you could share just that little bit, here, in the comments.

Enjoy your week. More to come on this topic. I hope the image below will inspire me... and you.




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Jobi Harris

I think your posts are wonderful! Keep doing what you do, but give yourself a break. I cannot imagine how you get anything done with that schedule! As a big fan who gets overwhelmed for almost nothing to do compared to you, I would be happy to see your blog once a month.

Carol Bryant

I learn a lot from your posts. I bought Donna Karan pantyhose that don't look like I am wearing any by finding a post here. I love the posts by Donna D. that talk about contests and giveaways. Then there are posts about working remote as a telecommuter, which is what I will always do, and I am more empowered. SO I love the combo here and I know this blog has helped me many times.

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