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Yvonne-head-squareby Yvonne DiVita

Saturdays are great for nostalgia. Here I am, watching the sun reappear through gray clouds, warming the day considerably. Spring is arriving in Colorado, at last.

I crave the sunshine. It reminds me of why I came to Colorado. Why I love living close to Denver and Boulder. Yes, family brought me here, but the sunshine keeps me here. It brings such joy and such memory with it. I rejoice in turning off the lights. I get giddy at the prospect of going in the small backyard to... clean up after the dogs, and not have to wade through snow. I embrace the spring season with open abandon.

Spring is also when Art as Action, a local artistic group of talented performers, launches for the season. This year, 2014, they will be holding their fund-raiser in one week, and I, for one, am marking off the days. April 4th is just around the corner, so if you're local to Denver | Boulder, you need to find a way to be at this event, yes, I mean it!

Though I have not made as many local friends as I would like, and as I time, I still reach out every spring and nudge the friends I do have to partake in the excitement of joining other fans of Art as Action in support of the group as it grows. I wonder, when many of them do not respond, how they can resist. I wonder if I'm just not conveying the power of this small but talented band of performers, in a manner that is enticing enough. I wonder if they even take time to consider not just the value of attending our launch party, but the power of being in a room FULL of artists of one sort or another.


Isn't mingling with real people who offer performance art -unique and original to the core - better than... another Hollywood movie? Better than a night 'on the town' that will get expensive and be forgotten come morning? Better than snoozing in front of the boob-tube, drooling into your pillow? 

Attending a fund-riaser like the Art as Action 2014 launch party is money well spent. For only $10 -20 as a donation, you can have the best human experience there is... being with people who care about other people. There will be food and drink, a whole lotta talented people (and if you're a would-be performer, you should want to be there to learn more and consider being included next year)... and music, performing, laughter, good conversation, and an opportunity to be part of something bigger than you.

Isn't that what we all want? To be part of something bigger than us? To contribute to the world in a meaningful way? We all go about our daily lives, work, work, home, home, clean, clean, shop, shop, waste time on TV, etc... and crave that one 'thing' that will remind us why we do it. We do it because we're human and in all of those actions, we believe we're making a difference... to ourselves and our family, if to no one else. 

Isn't it time to extend actually achieve the "bigger than you" thing our lives are all about? Yes. It's time. You can attend the ballet... ok, that's appreciation of art, at some level, I guess. You can go to the movies and lose yourself in fantasy for a few minutes, then chat about it afterwards, knowing deep inside that your chatter means nothing. Or, you can come to the Art as Action 2014 launch and leave feeling more ALIVE than you ever have before! Alive and excited. Alive and happy. Alive and full of spirit...because you're part of something bigger than yourself. get to meet an innovative, absurdly talented woman named Sarah Leversee, the founder and director of Art as Action, and learn for yourself why I am so besotted! (yes, my daughter, Chloe, performs also...but, she's a small part of why I love this... I love it because being an 'artivist' is as important to me as breathing...)

I'll be sharing this around my social media channels, hoping my local friends show up at the launch party. But, I also hope my not-so-local friends might consider supporting this amazing group of people. On my say so. Because supporting real art, live art, people who put their hearts and souls into their 'work', is a good thing. No matter who you are or where you live.

Twenty dollars, folks. It's less than you'd spend on a dinner out, Friday night. Art as Action exists to be a positive influence on the human condition... At least, like their Facebook page. Join us in celebrating both/and... both to learn more about us, and to learn more about yourself. You might just be surprised by what you learn... about the both/and that is real life.

    "Truth is, Boulder's scene is one of the most interesting in the country. When you've got     everything from circus acts to a bassoon quartet to a samba dance troupe in your city, ordinary     can live up to all that hype." Art as Action is very excited to present ourboth/and SEASON     LAUNCH PARTY: A Fundraising Event as a part of Boulder Arts Week. Every week in Boulder is an     Arts Week - we are excited to call the community's attention to it!

Thank you. For reading this, for liking their Facebook page, for thinking about attending or donating. Thank you ... for letting me share.



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Ivan Widjaya

It's an amazing experience indeed. I also love being with artists as they also inspire me a lot.

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