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20 Ways to Promote Yourself on Twitter


by Yvonne DiVita

It's that simple... twitter is a powerful business tool, but only if you use it correctly. Try several of these ideas, not just one, and be consistent. Remember, success does not come to 'those who wait'... it comes to those who go out and get it. 

1. Write good notes.  140 characters may challenge you, but truth is - when you learn to convey the right message in a space that small, you achieve more attention than when you ramble. 

2. Remember your audience - it's not about you. How many times have you heard that? Thousands, if you're paying attention. It's true. It's not about you. It's about me. If I'm your audience. It's not about me, if I'm not your audience. Be selective in what you share and always remember who is watching.

3. Share. What else can I say? Share the good stuff. Share humor. Share links. 

4. Have a reason for sharing. Don't share just to share. Why are you sharing? What should the person who sees your share, learn? Are you sharing to be smart...or just to get something out? Be smart.

5. Pictures. A picture is worth a thousand words. Who doesn't love a good picture? Make sure it's relevant, and clear. Nothing worse than fuzzy pictures.

6. Make sure you have permission to share. Don't just assume you can share anything on the web. Some things are meant to be viral, others aren't. Learn the difference.

7. Video. Fun, educational, short, informative, focused, purposeful... video. One minute or two minutes, no more. I hear tell you can be quite effective in 15 seconds. Try it.

8. Make friends, not connections. Truly. It's not how many followers you have. It's how many actually tweet back at you, or retweet. Friends don't let friends wander around Twitter aimlessly. 

9. Build a reputation. For good. Do what you need to do to show the world you're serious about your business. Your reputation will endure long after you, if you build it with bricks instead of sand. 


10. Stop fooling around. Twitter is a fun place to hang out and lots of people fool around on Twitter. Ok, if you're in your PJs and it's 10pm, and you're not going overboard, you can fool around. But, if it's 10:00 a.m. and you're at your desk, ignore the tomfoolery. It's not for you.

11. Make me an offer. Sure, make me an offer for a book, or a seminar, or a new product. Don't be pushy. Be creative. Show me the... color. The picture. The video. Show me...and let me do the rest.

12. Have a contest! Oh, we do love our contests, we internet people! Make the prize worthwhile. I don't want a free phone call with you, unless it's for at least an hour and you promise to change my life. I do want great products that can improve my life. I do want girly things... I'm a girl, after all. I do want something relevant to me...not to you.

13. Talk about your favorite blog. Let them know you're talking about them. They'll share.

14. Talk about your business goals. When you post your goals, you inspire others to post theirs. Sharing goals can open the door to innovative ideas.

15. Tell a story. Yes you can. You can tell a story in 140 characters. Figure it out. Or... tell me the title and first four words and direct me to your blog for the rest.

16. Be consistent. Show up every day, at specific times. Even if you have to pre-schedule tweets, be there when you know your audience is going to be there.

17. Ask a question. Ask for help. Ask for information. The world is eager to share their thoughts, I promise. Remember to answer people when they connect with you! 

18. Be part of a Twitter Chat or Party. You'll meet lots of new people, and you might win something. 

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19. Introduce people to each other. Who do you know that needs to know someone else you know? Be the connector.

And, the 20th thing to do on Twitter to promote yourself, 

20. Be yourself. Don't try to be someone else. You can have more than one Twitter account, in which you offer different kinds of content, but be 'you'... I have three accounts. I share different things on each one of them, but I'm always me... Yvonne DiVita. I love this quote from Ingrid Bergman, "Be yourself. The world worships the original." Read more at



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Yvonne DiVita

Indeed, Bruce, all good advice for many platforms. Always good to remind others because it often helps remind us, also.

So... what would you add? I'd like to know.

Bruce Peters

Seems like all of the abive is good advice regardless of the platform, digital or otherwise. Thanks so much for the reminders.
Just made them into a checklist and scorecard. Mmmm....wonder what I could add?

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