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How To Overcome Barriers To Become a Female Leader

Guest post by Georgina Stewart

Previously we discussed reasons as to why more women have not been given leadership positions and executive roles. In this article I am going to explain how women can overcome these barriers and work towards obtaining executive roles within their current company or by moving on and obtaining a position elsewhere. This advice will apply to both types of women looking to progress in their career.

Natural Skills

Improving your natural skills such as using your initiative and following your intuition are essential if you want to progress to a leadership position or move on to an executive role elsewhere. By improving your natural leadership abilities you will be able to command respect and authority more easily than if you were to become lax in your position. Picture1

Showing Commitment

Another step in showing that you are committed to your career rather than your company is to dedicate your own time to improving your CV and your personal qualities. However, you need to be seen making these changes and spending your own time in work when you could be relaxing at home with a glass of wine. Ensure that others see the work that you are putting in and that you are making progress.

Assisting Others

A good leader will take the time to assist those around them whilst managing their own workload; an excellent leader will be able to command loyalty and respect from these individuals as they do so. Ensure that whilst you lend a hand to those around you that your kindness is not being exploited and that the person that you are helping understands that you are doing so as you have seen them struggle. Don’t let others take advantage of your kindness.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to obtain an executive role or move a step on your chosen career path you need to do more than improve yourself and the way that you are perceived by others.

 Creating Authority

If you’re keen to advance to an executive position or gain this position within another company you need to make yourself an authority within your industry. You need to learn as much as you possibly can about your industry, and if you want any chance of succeeding in your endeavours you’d do well to learn as much as the CEO of your company knows, possibly more.

By making yourself an authority within your chosen industry you will gain trust much easier and others will look to you for answers and advice.

Networking and Contacts

As you reinvent yourself as an authority within your chosen industry you must also work to extend your network and obtain contacts that are able to help you on your journey to becoming an executive and a successful leader.

There are many ways in which you can network, you can use sites that allow you to social network, you can visit trade exhibition shows as well as attending networking events for businesses and significant individuals.

These are the primary ways in which you can overcome obstacles that prevent you from becoming a leader or progressing to an executive role. Do not give up until you have overcome each obstacle standing in your way; you’ll thank yourself for doing so.

Bio: Georgina Stewart is a creative member of the team at Marble Hill Partners and spends a
lot of her time focused on how she can encourage others to fulfil their
potential as both executives and leaders


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Ken Gwira

This is how to overcome barriers to become a leader, period! Thanks.

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