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Woman Owned

Me and my brother, who taught me to be who I am

by Yvonne DiVita

On some level, I firmly believe that women rule the world. The saying goes, "The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world," and it's so true. But, many women don't rock cradles, and they rule just as effectively as Moms and Grandmoms. Truth be told, all women have the genes for nurturing, and that's what makes them stellar leaders.

I find the continued discussion, which is being kind, over whether (a) women make good leaders or not, and (b) whether work at home Moms or stay at home Moms are lesser because of their choice to be at home, troubling. Why are we still discussing this? Why is gender and choice so challenged, in this day and age?

Granddaughter Miah, Daughter, Chloe, out to rule the world

Some folks I love, brand reps, mentors, colleagues, friends and relatives, buy into the belief that women are their own worst enemy. As if feminism is a bad thing. As if it means man-hating and woman-hating, and just ornery females everywhere asking for a handout. The news points out that we belittle ourselves and others, those loud tabloids and fashion/entertainment websites, which do little to uplift the cause of women, I agree. But, then, I disagree. Women as a whole are kind and supportive. The women I know are. Not that I haven't known the 'other' kind.

In my life, everything is 'woman owned'. So, in a sense, even my relationship with Tom is woman owned. What does that mean? It means he enjoys my leadership focus. He allows me to 'own' those parts of our life that I enjoy owning. He recognizes my skill and talent for working with people. He knows I am not in this for me, I'm in it for 'us'. Oh yes!

That's my Tom!

On the other hand, I also recognize his skill and talents. And I more than willingly allow him to claim stake ...in the car, for instance. I do not care to drive, if I don't have to. I get lost going round the block, so he drives. He enjoys it and does it far better than I! I allow him to teach me about investments and where to put our cash for retirement. Could I do it on my own? Probably. With help from the daughter, Chloe, who is a math whiz. But, Tom enjoys that, too, and I am thrilled that he is patient with me as he explains why we are investing as we are. I love that he is good with his hands, that he can build things and loves running with Emily, on our dog walks.

In some sense, I own everything we do, because, Tom wants me to be happy. And, in that happiness, he knows I want the same for him. 

Woman owned doesn't mean women claim a dictatorship to life and living. It means, we are strong, we are purposeful, we are focused. It means we look at the big picture, for ourselves, our families, and our friends. It means we know we exist in a bigger world, a global neighborhood, if you will, and being aware is just a sliver of what we are. 

Woman owned means friendship and caring. I have a large group of women friends, some from this blog, others from BlogPaws, and others that I am happily related to. I wish all of them much success and happiness and if they need me to help achieve that success and happiness, you bet I'm going to be there for them. 

Woman owned means embracing the diversity in our lives. It means embracing the people who come to us for comfort and advice. It means wanting to be a better person... today, than I was yesterday.

It means being in the moment. 

Let us turn our backs on the long discussions over where we do what we do - at home or at 'work'. Let us admit that some of us want that corner office, and should have it. And some of us, don't. Let us give each other a chance to make a difference - in our own lives, in our kids' lives, in our spouses lives, in our neighbors' lives. Let us not hold each other back and let us refuse to let the news or gossip columns change us into ... the housewives of social media.

Let us be us.

Frankie and flowers
A budding entrepreneur ... 4 year old granddaughter


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Joan DeMartin

Three cheers for this post and to all women making a difference!

Ingrid King

Fantastic post! Your definitions of what woman-owned means doesn't just nail it, it's also a prescription for a life well lived.

Carol Bryant

Very inspiring piece and I concur - let's not trash talk or bash talk - and let's support each other. Elevating each other and knowing our strengths and weaknesses is what it's all about. Well done!

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