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#BecauseIAmWhoIAm Why I Write

Tom, me, and Caroline at the first BlogPaws

by Yvonne DiVita    #BecauseIAmWhoIAm

Robbi Hess, the blog manager here at Lipsticking, tagged me in a blog hop last week. Robbi writes several blogs but her most recent is a favorite of mine, All Words Matter. I'm mad I didn't start it first! (not mad, mad... you know... cause I can't be mad at Robbi, but mad in the, 'why didn't I think of that?' way) The blog hop started on Susan C Foster’s site and continues here, today.

What to say... what to write... or, more to the point, what NOT to say or write. I could write all day about why I write. Like Robbi, I wrote a book when I was a kid. A 300 page combination ghost story, love story. I wish I still had it. It would make for fun reading, I bet. I was in seventh grade. I was pretty much a loner... though I had friends, I preferred reading and writing, to hanging out.

I wrote bad poetry, don't we all? And, I wrote short stories, agonizing over my plight as a teenager. Oh, woe is me!

Writing was never that hard for me. I read so much, and absorbed more than the stories in all the novels I read, more than the poetry in the poetry books; I absorbed the structure and purpose of writing. I felt as if it was the only place I could really shine. I belonged to my writing. I lived each protagonist's life... heck, I think I even looked like them! Well, they were my invention, after all!

YvonneChar4Writing, like reading, took me away from the mundane world I existed in. It delivered me to new places and let me create worlds that I could manage. In my writing, even in the unhappy endings, and there were a lot of unhappy endings in the early days, I challenged my characters to be real... to talk as if they were alive, to perform as if they really existed, to be people with the same problems I had, often unable to be solved... because, as a child, I had no vision beyond my own room... despite all the novels I devoured weekly.

As I grew, and matured, I discovered I could write the kind of content other people appreciated. I was an adult with young children when I had my first story published! Oh joy! Not long after, I received a note from another publication I had submitted something to, with a note from the editor, "We can't use this right now but I encourage you to submit again."

Beyond joy! Thumbs-up

I never, ever, ever had a doubt that my writing was ME, who I am. So, that's the answer. #IwritebecauseIamwhoIam ... writing ... telling stories... helping others move from the mundane of their daily lives to the excitement of a story or poem, makes my life worthwhile.

And now, I need to tag some folks to continue the blog hop. 

First person I thought of is my BFF Toby Bloomberg. She was game, which I thought she would be. She's done blog hops before on Diva Marketing. I thought of Toby because she writes so well, and has been blogging for as long as I have. I love her work, I love the way she thinks, and I love that she's always willing to help a friend out. 

The next person I thought of was Amy Shojai, from Bling, Bitches and Blood, and a writer from my pet community, BlogPaws. Amy is a successfully published writer! She knows a fair bit about the challenges of writing... and the highs and lows. I am pretty sure she'll have something enormously important to say about this topic. And, I think you should learn a bit about her books, too. 

And, I also tagged my BFF Sybil Stershic, who is a non-profit marketing professional whose blog Quality Service Marketing serves the folks in non-profits who need a little help with their marketing. Sybil has been doing this for a long time and she's written two books on this topic! I am in awe of how she brings non-profit marketing into the 21st century without losing the importance of that personal touch. And that's why I wanted her to participate... because she understands how to get personal, on a blog.

Enjoy all! I write #becauseIamwhoIam 

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Such fun to read about your back-story. Thanks for your kind words and inviting me to play along. Reminds me of the blogosphere days!


I love it! We were young authors! Thank you for sharing where and how you began your love of writing!

Amy Shojai, CABC

What fun! Great post and now I'll have to come up with something fuzzily-pithy to write/say. *s*

Sybil F. Stershic

Thanks for including me in this Blog Hop, Yvonne! I look forward to reading Toby's and Amy's posts next.

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