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Just Like a Girl

Basil Bag
Bloom Shopper diva blue

by Yvonne DiVita

*I received a free bike bag as compensation for this post. I received it because I wanted to test the bag out - I told the folks who sent it that I'd do an honest, genuine review. So, these are my honest thoughts on the Basil bag... 

I do a good bit of traveling, as, I expect, do many of you. We travel for business and pleasure and generally bring that obtrusive laptop along because...well, we want to stay connected. 

Until recently, I had not found a good laptop bag, one that was easy to carry, attractive (yes, I care about that stuff), and roomy. I was using some good old bag I likely bought at a discount store, and it was adequate, but I never liked it. I would sigh loudly at the start of each trip, wondering why I hadn't taken time to find a new bag. 

And then, out of the blue, Taylor from Ghost PR wrote to me about Basil bags*. I was immediately struck by the vibrant colors and neat construction. Then I read the note more carefully and realized the bags are for bicycles! Even more intrigued, I wrote to Taylor and said I wanted one, if she was offering.

Mind you, I don't bicycle. I can barely walk, for heaven's sake! But, I live in Colorado and everyone else bicycles! Oh, if only I were 20 years younger... you bet I'd be out there on a bike, every day. With over 300 days of sun every year, Colorado is perfect for bike riding, to and from work, and on recreational trips, too. 

But, back to now. Yes, the bag called to me. Even though I wasn't going to use it on a bicycle, Taylor sent it to me. Am I tres' lucky, or what?  And, it was everything the description said it was!

"Water repellent polyester, artificial leather details, zip fastener, outer pockets, carrying straps, hook on-system [for your bike], reflective stripes" and... those vibrant attractive colors!  It almost made me want to get a bike! And, honestly, I'm not too old. I could still get back into biking, in limited amounts of time. Tom would like it, I'm sure.

However, since I don't bike right now, I decided to use the bag as a laptop carrying case. I was off to Nashville for a business trip and this bag was going with me. 

Basil bag front
Love my new Basil bike bag

There I was, strutting through the airport with this bag on my shoulder...and proud of it! I was and am in love with the style, the way it looks (it speaks to me... all the colors shout that I'm someone to be reckoned with!), and the way it feels. It fit well on my shoulder, the computer wasn't too big or heavy for it, and I was happy, finally, happy that I had a bag of substance. Like me, a woman of substance.

Here's the one drawback - since this isn't a laptop bag, it's a bike bag, it did end up causing me a bit of trouble in the shoulder area. I am rethinking the use of it as a laptop bag. Until I get a bike, though, it will be my bag of choice for travel. It fits well under the seat on the plane, and it's roomy enough for whatever I need, during the long wait at the airport. IF you bike, I recommend these bags. They're so sturdy and attractive, they do the job with aplomb!

Oh, the company also has bike bags for pets. So, if you take your pet on your bike, consider these because every time I see a pet on a bike with no restraint, it makes me shiver. What if you're in an accident, folks? Even a minor accident? That pet is a goner, unless it's in one of these great bike bags, designed just for pets and bikes.

If you see me tooling around the airport with this bag on my shoulder, sans laptop - still have to find a good laptop bag - stop and say hello. I won't mind if you rave about the bag. I'll even let you touch it. Maybe. 

Now isn't that just like a girl? (since I am a girl, I actually like it when folks say that to me... just like a girl is a powerful statement in my book; it deserves the presence of a beautiful and powerful bag, doesn't it?)

Pet carrier from Basil
Pet carrier basket/bag


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That bag is gorgeous! I also want to try out that dog bike basket for the Hen. She sits in a basket in the front of my bike that I have "rigged" to hold her in and it makes me nervous every time!

Carol Bryant

OOOOH I want one of those bags. Gorgeous and functional!

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