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#NationalLipstickDay Oh my!

by Yvonne DiVita

Seriously, National Lipstick Day? Who knew? Well, Kristin Elliott of Doodie Pack pet supplies, which I LOVE... tagged me on Facebook with this news and I'm dancing around my desk now.

#NationalLipstickDay was created just for me. Well, it seems like it was created just for me. Me and my little blog. Of course, there are a good many 'lipstick' sites or mentions, these days. But back when this blog was launched, WE were the first. And we're still the best.

Huffington Post has an article on the day, today. Here are a couple of their points about Lipsticking: (they have great pictures... oh, I wish I could steal one, but they're from Getty and I'd just getty myself in trouble!)

"Early in the Greek empire, red lipstick or lip paint signaled tha a woman was a prostitute..." as most respectable women, I guess, didn't wear makeup. Not sure I believe them, but hey, it's the HPost.

They also shared that at one time lipstick, or painted red lips, was an indication of higher social status. Now, that makes sense, don't you think? Apparently, during the Roman Empire, even men wore lipstick. Not sure I believe that either. 

Lipstick bookI have a great book on Lipstick. Written by Jessica Pallingston, published in 1999, by St. Martin's Press, it's full of all the juicy details about lipstick that you were dying to know...but afraid to ask! Ok, no one was or is dying to know these things but I'm going to tell you anyway...

The number of $$$ spent on this product in 1946 (I think it's all cosmetics, though) in America (cause we're the only country that counts, I guess... I'm just saying...) was, $700 million.

According to William Cane's, The Art of Kissing, the percentage of men who like (or don't mind) kissing a woman wearing lipstick is 67. Those who like flavored lipstick is 8. And those who don't like it at all is 25.

I say, tough it out guys, tough it out.

Early on in the book, it talks about the way women apply lipstick and what it means. Very interesting. For instance, if you apply it so the product ends up flat, you're a Flatty. The author says, "My friend Susan is the typical Flatty. Level-headed and practical, a little shy, which can be taken for aloopness. She has a hidden artistic flair." And more... you get the drift.

Me, I'm a "Reclining Chair"...which seems a bit, riske' don't you think? The author says, "What most signifies a Reclining Chair is their friendliness. (ok, that's not bad) Charis love their friends (I do!) and making new friends. Reclining chairs like activity (well, let's not go there... I'm a home body and really prefer being by myself...or just with Tom and dogs), and are usually the first to turn a dull scene into a party." Fail. Fail. Fail. I tolerate the party scene. That's it, tolerate.

You should get the book and indulge. It's a fun read.

Back to #NationalLipstickDay... today... it's a day deserving of ice cream. Isn't it? I should get ice cream. Or cheesecake. And if all my lipstick wears off while I slurp away, don't worry... I have lots more. Yes, LOTS! Don't you?

Here are a few quotes from the book, to make you laugh a bit... 

"Well of course it's great to know that given an hour and a gorgeous frock I can do it; I can be fabulous and play the movie star. It's all a question of lipstick." ~ Actress Kristin Scott Thomas

"For a single woman, preparing for company means wiping the lipstick off of the milk carton." ~Comedian Elaine Boosler

And, last, but surely not least, something I think we should all scrawl across our bathroom mirrors, so we see it every day, on the Golden Rule, (and how it applies to lipstick I don't know, but it's in the book), "The Golden Rule is that there are no Golden Rules." ~George Bernard Shaw 

Be well and happy and go buy a new lipstick today. 




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Joan DeMartin

I recently found my new "perfect color" lipstick, but need a fresh supply!

Carol Bryant

I am going out tonight and plan to get a new color to wear to WIPIN conference because you just inspired me! Plus I love shopping at Ulta hahahaha.

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