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Frugga Smart Savings

by Yvonne DiVita

I am being compensated for this post, but I eagerly accepted the assignment because ... hey, it's shopping online! You KNOW the comments and opinions are my own. I only share with I believe, folks.

So, who shops online? All ya'all do. Don't fool me! It's a woman's pasttime. I was writing about the whole shopping online, marketing online, and women way back in the early part of THIS century, way before the old fogies of that previous century got wind of what was happening.

Women like shopping. I don't profess to understand why, even though I'm a woman, but I do understand the fun of it. Window shopping can get you only so far, though. You have to buy! And when you're ready to buy, if you're online, you want some coupons... don't you? I know I do.

I spent a load of time this past weekend shopping for coupons...only to be so disappointed, I almost wept! And then, I discovered Frugga! Oh my! Not only is the site appealing, I really love the logo, it's easy to use and it's friendly. I mean, it gets the coupon idea. While you do need to create an account, it's worthwhile, and it asks an easy question to prove you're a human. No captchas! Plus, when I was ready to tear my hair out last weekend because all I wanted was a coupon for Keurig K-cups, I wish I'd used Frugga. I did a simple search in their database and boom... half a dozen coupon codes came up right away. 

This isn't me but it could have been... that was how I was smiling when I was on Frugga.com

They also have a ton of categories. From accessories to books and music, to electronics, to medical supplies, Frugga.com has it all, I think. 

I don't know much about their rewards program, except that it's displayed in the sidebar... with some mighty fine icons ... Stop by, Share and Engage, Earn Points, and Redeem, all linking to an opportunity to earn points and who doesn't like points?

Yes, I hopped around a bit to familiarize myself with the site and I had a good old time! Luckily, I didn't spend a lot because I was just 'searching', if you know what I mean. I wanted to get my bearings and test the site out a bit, so I could write a post I could be honest about and comfortable sharing. And, if I hadn't been impressed, well... there wouldn't be a post. I don't write the scathing reviews. I leave them to others.

The folks who asked me to write this were pretty darn nice, too. I don't think they're with the brand but it says a lot when you work with a brand that has truly polite and supportive help, regardless of whether they work IN the brand or FOR the brand. Personally, I like it when a company takes the time to not only care about its website, but also about the people behind the scenes. This group gets kudos from me for that. (I wasn't easy to work with, let's just say that)

Try it. Let me know what you think. In a world where we spend so much time online, and shopping is just the action of clicking the mouse, meeting a brand with great people and great focus is a win-win, in my book. Make my life easier, I say, and Frugga.com did. W00t!

p.s. try the Home and Garden category... super for this time of year! 


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Joan DeMartin

Speaking of weeping, I am heartsick when I purchase something without coupons, so this is the place for me!

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