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A Day in the Life of a Teacher circa 1914

Adams Corner by Wolfgang Sauber
by Yvonne DiVita

As seen on social media, Monday morning, from KDRV Newswatch 12, shared by Diana Robinson. One wonders, as a woman, how these teachers managed to get married at all. I expect they 'met' husbands at church. A good place to meet locals and get to know them, history shows. 

I assume this is directed at women. Since men don't wear petticoats. I wonder if male teachers had the same rules. I wonder if there were any such things, back in 1914. We reach stories about them, but I remember back in the 1950s, there was a bit of an uproar somewhere in the country (maybe my hometown of Rochester, NY, since I remember this so well) when one school district hired a MALE kindergarten teacher! As if! Men were okay with higher grades, like middle school, and I bet they dominated high school. But kindergarten? That was just wrong! (you may smile at the foolishness of we humans oh so long ago). Do visit the link as it would seem we are still projecting our dismay over this. 

What I find interesting is no citation on the image below, which supposedly came from the TV station. I searched our friend google for some historical perspective on teaching in the 1914s and was rewarded with sundry articles and PDFs on morality following the war, baseball cards, and gender, war and revolution in Europe. Nothing relevant to my search. 

Therefore, I share. But, I have not qualified this document. It *seems* correct, from the little I know of the era, but let's not forget, what we know as individuals was likely taught in school and might vary from state to state. Or school to school. Despite 'standards', school districts and teachers teach what they please. IMBO anyway.

"This weekend, Ruch School is celebrating a 100th anniversary. As part of the celebration, they take a look back at what it was like to be a teacher in 1914. Here's a list of rules that teachers had to follow back then!"

Rules for teachers 1914
A glimpse into the past... we've come a long way baby. Has it been good?


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