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Creating Fresh Website And Blog Content: 3 Ways

Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

Does the idea of the "blank screen" make you cringe? It does for many entrepreneurs. After all, you're an expert in your business niche and that niche may not be writing.

If you endeavor to write your own blog posts, here are three ways you can create content that will intrigue and enchant your readers:

  • Use photos podcasts or video. As many blog sites to, host a "Wordless" day. As in a "Wordless Picture2Wednesday" in which you ask your readers to simply submit a photo under a stated theme. "Relaxation at home" for example could prompt your readers to send photos of themselves cooking, walking the dog, sitting under a shady tree, etc. Video is quickly, or has quickly, become king. If you're good behind a camera, then offer your readers/viewers a quick video snippet based on an idea for a blog post you may have wanted to write, but never did.If you don't want to be on video camera, consider a podcast for your readers' listening enjoyment.
  • Tell a story. Let your readers get to know the person behind the business. Today's consumers aren't looking for B2B or B2C interaction, they are craving H2H (human to human) and if you want to draw in more clients, be more human. You may not want to tell your entire life story, but let them know about a "day in the life" for example.
  • Be engaging. If you're boring and formulaic your readers will be nodding off before they finish the first paragraph. If you're bored of your topic, your reader will be bored as well. If you've had a bad day, it will show through in your writing. If you simply can't "fake it" on the computer screen, then step away until you are more refreshed and able to write lively, engaging content.

What ideas do you have when you need to create new content for your readers?



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