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Strut Your Stuff, Sister!

By Laura Kay, Chief Firecracker, Pink Spark Systems

Woman strutting 2When was the last time you strutted?

You heard me right...strutted.

Maybe you've never done it. Maybe it's been a while

Either way, let's change!

The dictionary's definition of strutting is "to walk with a proud gait."

You've got plenty to be proud of, Gorgeous, so why not strut?

Let's start a strutting revolution!

Here's what to do: The next time you have to walk ~ whether it's to the restroom, the laundry room or through a crowded restaurant ~ don't.

STRUT INSTEAD! (with a big ol' smile on your beautiful face)

Do it FOR YOU. Feel your confidence boost with each step you take.

Own it, Baby! Let's go!

You're SO worth it!

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