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The Power Of A Well-Written Email

Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

In my role as an editor and a blog manager I receive countless numbers of emails a day. Many of them are cringe-worthy! Why? My name is spelled incorrectly. Yes, I realize Robbi may not be typical, but hey it's my name so please use it correctly. I am not Bobby or Bobbi or Robbie or Robbin. Truly, when I see my name incorrectly spelled I begin to subconsiously doubt anything else you may have written to me.

In today's online environment chances are you are communicating with almost everyone via electronic means -- whether email or text or on your social media platforms. Because of this, if you want to be taken seriously, you need to have well-written emails/texts/whatever the medium. To present Picture1yourself as the ultimate professional, you need to have mastery of the written word -- just because you're communicating electronically is no reason for sloppy prose. Yes, back in the early phases of blogging and internet writing, people were of the mindset that "because it's online I don't have to be as precise as I would be if I were penning a book or brochure.Wrong. Wrong. Wrong!

Here are three ways to compose a "good aka well-written" email:

  • Read and reread your subject line. If you want to guest post then mention that in the subject line. Be compelling. Be brief. Does your subject line reach out to the reader? Will it get lost in a spam box? Note, if you use the word FREE in an email subject line it is typically tagged as spam by most email carriers and will be lost in the shuffle. You don't want to have a subject line of "reaching out to you" because a lot of people "reach out to me" and if they aren't compelling in the subject line I will move onto the next email. A great subject line could be, "Guest post idea for your monthly Writing Theme topic." This lets me know you've read my blog and are also being thoughtful in your subject line.
  • Your email should help the recipient quickly understand your reasons for reaching out. If you want to propose to being a guest blogger, then state that up front. Also, let me know that you have seen my blog. Honestly in my role as blog manger for BlogPaws, I have people write to me and want to guest post on their topic of expertise which is cooking or auto repair or opening your retail business. BlogPaws is a pet-centric social media site. If you're not proposing something social media or pet-centric related then it's likely you didn't even look at the site and are just sending me a blanket email. My response? Delete!
  • How can I find you? If you send an email and sign it, "Susie," I don't know anything about you or how to find/research you if I am so inclined. Sure, I could look at your email address and see if it points me to a website but if your email address is, "hotsusieATgmail..." first of all, change your email address to something more professional and do that before you send out another email! There is no reason for a bad aka unprofessional email address. Add a signature to your email that gives me your full name, website, phone number, links to your social media sites. If you have offered me compelling information, make it easy for me to find you. 

Before you hit "send" on that next email, take time to give it a once over and make sure you are presenting the best "you" that you can!


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Kevin Stuard

Great post. Lots of people always take these little things lightly and mess it up. In the business world, such small details do matter. The second point you've mentioned is very important. Writing unnecessary long emails is a waste of everyone's time.


Dear Tobee (Lol) Thank you for commenting. I can see how you could definitely feel my pain! Ohhh Dear Diva Marketing Blogger... now that's a title I do like!

Peter Young

Thanks for the great post. It's especially timely for me, Email is so ubiquitous that I forget to check for spelling, grammar and or typonyms... Not to mention never to press send when I'm angry...
pete Young

Toby Bloomberg

Great post Bobbi er Robby oh! Robbi.

My favorite is Dear Diva Marketing Blogger. That takes the name right out of the game.

Yours truly,
not to be confused with Tony or Tracie or Mr. Toby

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