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The Work in Progress Called YOU


Diana Robinson tells people, "We are all a work in progress."

It's almost a cliche, but one that sticks around and gets repeated on a regular basis. The reality of this one sentence is often lost on so many of us, because of its implications. I think. How many of us see ourselves as a work in progress? As a book on chapter nine, with an unlimited number of chapters left to write? Or, as a song, a poem, a presentation...unfolding one word or image at a time?

I receive Diana's Choice Coach newsletter, and find encouragement in it, every time. I find inspiration. I find illumination. Because I find all that, I asked her if I might share a recent newsletter post with you. Here are Diana's words about "a work in progress, because we all are" -

Imagine that you are in a valley, close to the ground, bent over, almost to ground level.  Look around you.  You can see a lot of fine detail, but not much else.

Now imagine that you are rising up a bit, perhaps in the same place but standing.  Look around again.  You can see a lot more.

Now, successively, imagine yourself rising up, climbing a hill, then a mountain, and each time looking around at the entire view.

Take it a step further.  See yourself as an eagle or even a satellite circling the globe.  As you look down you will be able to see the patterns of the world, its stark, barren deserts, its lush plains and valley, its soaring mountains that seem to give us an almost sublime beauty, at the price of the harshest of conditions.

Why am I using this exercise?  Because we can do a parallel process on the topic of our own lives. 

Often, particularly when things are going wrong, we allow our perspective to narrow so that it is as if we are low to the ground in a deep valley, maybe even with an ant's view of our environment.  In such a state of mind, planning will probably involve how to get past the next few grass- roots and pebbles.

There is no long view. 

As we rise upwards we widen our perspective. Perhaps we will see that if we veer left through the roots we will come to another obstacle, whereas toward the right our route will be smooth. Perhaps we can find ways to reach our goal(s) more easily, or even recognize one that is even more worth our while than what we are presently seeking.

It may help to understand that I am good friends with Diana. We have known each other well over 10  years, heading to 15, I believe. We met at Toastmasters. My fond memories of everyone I met there, including Diana, stay with me to this day. I no longer live in upstate NY, where Diana lives, but we stay in touch. We are avid internet users - for the connections and the opportunities. We are both women who see the good in others, and who want to recognize that good, regardless of any dark shadows attached to it.

The excerpt above, from the recent newsletter post, struck me as so important right now, in this world that keeps folding back upon itself, creating wrinkles full of hidden purpose, I asked Diana if I might share a part of it, and then encourage people to go read the entire post on Diana's site. (this link is to her site; I expect, as you meander about it, you will come upon the correct post)

She accepted. 

The post Diana wrote is about perspective. I am guilty of forgetting to look more broadly at the world, with a wider perspective, and that may be the reason this post touched me so much I had to share it.

I could say, "What's your perspective?" and I am interested in your perspective - do share in the comments, but the real reason for adding this to my blog, at this time, is because I needed perspective. I needed to read this again and to embrace a favorite quote from Emily Dickinson:

Emily Dickinson: Quote: dwell in possibility
Dwell in possibility

By US Postal Service - Postal Stamp, Public Domain



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