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Dear Hillary and Fans... Not Interested

What happened by hillary clinton
Dear Fans of Hillary, Not Interested.

Dear Hillary, and Fans,

I'm not interested. In your complaints about why you lost the election. In your book. In what happened that caused you to not be our 1st woman president.

This will likely lose me fans and attract spammers, vociferous fans of Hillary who will tell me to shut up - or worse, and folks who don't like her who will congratulate me for my insight.

I am not interested in them, either. Not any of them.

Here's the thing - Hillary ran a poor campaign. Sorry, that's how I feel. She embraced the adoration of fans who wanted to see her achieve the highest office in the country. She welcomed those who, like I, thought it was time for a woman to be in the White House (although some will tell you that has already happened). She was stellar in the debates. But, she didn't get to the little people. Her appalling opponent did that. She was so busy basking in her own aura, she lost sight of what really needed to happen. In this election, it wasn't about the issues. It was about who appealed to the lowest common denominator. And, Hillary never even tried to bring them on board.

This post isn't to criticize her campaign, though heaven knows I worried throughout that she wasn't running against her opponent (whose name will never grace the body of this blog), she was running for herself - and, a good bit, for the women of American. A lofty effort. An effort I could support. And yet, the 'women of American' who wanted to see her win were not paying attention to the 'other' women of American, who, along with their menfolk, were determined to see her not win. And, they won. Because they didn't really care who was in the White House, as long as it wasn't Hillary.

It may seem poor etiquette to be saying it's time for her to stop whining and move forward, especially since I haven't read her book nor do I plan to read her book. But, the media (and yes, the media is at fault here, as much or more than Hillary Clinton) will insist on rehashing her loss, instead of revisiting her successes. Every interview pushes her buttons. This is why she lost, folks. Because she was certain of a win - because she knew she was the better candidate - because she allowed her fans to make her complacent. Because it was too much about her and not enough about America.

It's time now to get rid of complacency. It's time to get this country back. It's time to decide how to get this country back - and I think Hillary understands that. I am so appalled by where this awful president is taking us. I am so afraid of the ignorance he's spewing and the fact that too many people adore him. Yes, adore him. He can do no wrong. And yet, every day, he makes bigger blunders and creates stories that make the rest of the world wonder where America got this clown.

Hillary needs to stop talking about her loss and start talking about how she can help take back the country. Her book has already become a best-seller, so I hear, so fine, that's great. Her publishers think it might be the best selling non-fiction book of the year. She wrote the book and got it all out and a great many fans are waving the tome about and shouting in support and applauding her for speaking out - in that, she's won. Congrats, Hillary. From my perspective, the book is a waste of time to read and other than padding her bank account, it serves no purpose. I, for one, am tired of Hillary crying about her loss. I cried my fair share of tears the day after her loss - I thought and still think she handled it admirably. But, that was then, this is now, and if we don't do something to move forward, something to get that horror out of the White House, where will we be in 2020? 

Once again, I have to say, Dear Hillary and Fans...Not Interested. You can continue to whine about the loss, wave her book about as a flag of righteousness, and shout about the electoral college, but while you are doing that, this country is going to hell in a hand-basket. All of your rehashing of Hillary's loss is helping not at all. 

I want to know what she's doing now...and tomorrow, and I want to know she's bringing her expertise to work for the good of the country. 

Because guess what, it's not about Hillary. It's about America. 

This is just my brazen opinion. Comments will be moderated, and it's my blog, so if you're rude or insulting, you won't see your comment posted. You can comment and not agree with me, you can even comment and tell me I'm full of crap...if you do it politely.

Have at it...  

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