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"I Have Today" An Interview with Diane Forster

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I have Today with Diane Forster

It's been close to a year since I met Diane Forster at a woman's business conference. She was one of the most dynamic people there.

During one session, the hostess of the conference called on Diane to tell the room a bit about herself. I watched in awe as they smartly dressed, beautiful presented woman rose and smiled at the crowd. I want you all to understand that when I use the word "beautiful" as an adjective in conjunction with a woman, it doesn't have to be a cliche or a stereotypical descriptor. Yes, we as a society tend to use that word as it pertains to a woman's appearance, probably more than we should. If we want to describe a man, we say handsome.

Truth is, both of those words mean more than most of us understand. They are words to describe a person's heart and soul, sometimes. In this case, that is what I mean. Diane has a beautiful soul, and it shone that day, at that conference, through her smile, her eyes, and her deportment. I remember thinking, "I wish she could teach me to be that poised."

In this interview, part of what I call Morning Coffee with Yvonne, you will learn for yourself how Diane can and does teach that kind of self-love and confidence. You'll learn how she, herself, overcame huge obstacles and put herself on the right path - the path to true success. As a caveat, let me also so say that we humans use the word 'success' in a cliched manner, also. It means something different to all of us, but in a general sense, it means money. We equate success with income.

How sad is that? True success is felt in the soul. Diane will show you, in this video, how success is part of self-love, and empowerment, and sincerity. Above all, we need to meet the challenges life sets in our way and overcome them or embrace them, as necessary. As women, especially, we need to understand our inner truth and build the power we have within into real success in our lives. 

This interview demonstrates that far better than any blog post I could write.

Enjoy. And visit Diane's site to learn more about her and about I Have Today! her women's empowerment program.




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