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It's a New Year. It's 2018. Back in 1999, did you try to imagine what life would be like in 2018? It was so far away, no one was really thinking that far ahead. We were having enough trouble keeping up with changing technology, the intrusion of social media, and trying to figure out blogs. Weren't we?

In all of that time, who among us lost their desire to read? I mean, read real honest to goodness print books. Yes, we all have our e-readers. I haven't looked at mine in months (and I have to start doing so, this year, I definitely have to start reading more ebooks), but I have been reading a lot of print books.

I have a library card. That's a prime reason. And, of course, I belong to Amazon Prime. That's another reason. Tom and I do like our books. He tends to favor business books for now, and while I have a number of business books I will report on, I am heavily into fiction, at the moment. I think everyone should read fiction on a regular basis. 

Recently, I was offered a book, via a PR firm, that intrigued me. It's called Return of the Vinetropes. It's a fantasy story, about fairies, and how a young girl comes to learn the value of imagination. It's about family and friendship, two things that are experiencing a break-down these days. Too many smart phones, not enough smart people. IMBO  

It's also about respecting Mother Earth. It's about remembering and loving and banding together to fight ... well, you should read it to find out what there is to fight not only against, but for.

Lucinda vinetrope little but mighty

The book video below is the first review in what I'm calling Time for Books. Time for Books will appear regularly on this blog, going forward. I don't promise it will be every Monday or Friday - let me get myself used to creating the reviews and then I can set a definite date and time.

Here's Part One and please forgive the stumbles. I promise I will get better.  The book is too wonderful not to cover over a period of time. It's meant for middle school kids, so understand that this isn't a dark fantasy with witches and goblins and blood everywhere. There is mention of some awful, awful, scary villains to come, in the next book in the Vinetrope Adventure Series, so yes, there will be ample... heart beating, eye-popping, scary moments.

Enjoy and expect more.  Don't forget to comment... after you get your copy and read it. I'll wait. 

p.s. I received a free copy of this book. Many of my reviews will be from free copies of books. I provide honest reviews from books that touched me in some way. I do not cover all books that are sent my way. I just can't. 


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caren gittleman

there are many things I love about you Yvonne and one of them is you are ALWAYS re-inventing and you are so innovative! LOVE the idea of featuring books on video! You are so pleasant to listen to and you look beautiful! I will definitely be checking out more of your video book reviews! What a great idea! I am with you, about not enough people reading, this is just wonderful! Happy New Year!!

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