Time for Books | Return of the Vinetropes: Owletta
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Time for Books | Chargons and Vinkali! Oh my!

Lucinda vinetrope the poet

Oh the horror! Oh the terror! Oh the awfulness! I shudder at the thought - but what are Chargons and Vinkali and how to do they figure in the story of The Return of the Vinetropes?

This concludes our video book review series in the launch of Time for Books. We took a truly unique and wonderful fantasy story written by Sherry. L. Ross and illustrated by Julie Bell and shared it with you, our viewers. 

The book was sent to me to review, so yes, it was free. I do accept a limited number of books to include in my Time for Books video series. Email me if you'd like yours included.

Today, we not only talk about chargons and vinkali, the soon to be introduced evil characters for book #2 in the Vinetrope Adventure Series, we also share information about Sherry, the author, and about how the book got published. I was so interested in this story, I couldn't help asking the folks who emailed me and offered me (then sent me) the book, about the author and how the author both came up with the idea for the fantasy story and how she chose the name "vinetrope". 

The answers are fascinating.

Return of the Vinetropes video book review series

I am also happy to say I now have a new friend in Sherry L. Ross. There is nothing more uplifting than to make a new friend who is also a writer, also a published author, also a dreamer, as am I. I discovered Sherry is my age. And this is her first published fiction book. How wonderful is that? Not only that a woman of accomplishment finally realized a life-long dream, but that the story she has created is a successful tale of intrigue, magic, and wonder, with a touch of technology? 

Visit her site at Vinetropes and learn more about the trilogy, if you can take your eyes off of the amazing artwork, that is. Isn't Owletta beautiful?

As I mention in the video, I am a fan of books with a bit of artistry. Yes, I'm a grown-up, I can imagine what the characters look like in my fiction novels, but I don't mind having the author share her interpretation with me. I will admit that I am often disappointed when I see the book made into a movie - not just with how movies tend to slaughter the story in books (as they did with Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children), but also how the characters are generally not as I imagined.

Will these books be made into a movie? I sincerely hope so! Will I be disappointed if the story is twisted and changed? Yes. But, I hope it won't be. I have noticed that movies today do tend to try and stay on track with the actual storytelling of the book. When it comes to what the characters look like, well, I expect they will have to at least resemble the pictures in the book, don't you think? Rather like Alice in Wonderland. Movies don't mess with that book - well, no so much, anyway.

This, as stated above, is the conclusion of our video series on the middle school fantasy story The Return of the Vinetropes by Sherry L. Ross , illustrated (so nicely!) by Julie Bell. 

Next month we will be talking about, How Remarkable Women Lead by Joanna Barsh and Susie Cranston.





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