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Time for Books | Return of the Vinetropes: Owletta

Time for Books | Return of the Vinetropes - Lucinda

The squirrels make an appearance

Yes, I received a free copy of this book in hopes I would like it and review it. I neither like nor review every free book I receive. 

This is the second video book review in the series Return of the Vinetropes

What's a Vinetrope, you're asking? It's  not a fairy, I will tell you that. Want to know more? Watch the video review. 

The story is rich with well thought out content. The characters of Return of the Vinetropes, in the series Vinetrope Adventures, are so alive and real, you forget you're reading about made-up people (and animals and vinetropes). I am so impressed with Sherry L. Ross's work, I can't wait for the second in this series. 

You will see me mention, more than once, the amazing artwork of Julie Bell. I don't 'need' pictures, per se, but I appreciate them. Bell did a fantastic job with the characters in this story. Her work further enhances the narrative and the adventure - both of reading the book and believing in the characters as they race into the unknown.

As a blogger who is routinely pitched books to read, and who is selective about which books I will read - and then review - I am delighted to say this one exceeded expectations. I'm into fantasy right now and I was hesitant about this one as it's meant for middle school kids, not adults. My acceptance came with a worry that I might be bored or not engaged, as I left middle school behind me a long time ago!

I was not bored. I was thoroughly engaged. I could feel the story envelope me and draw me in, so much so I put all my other books aside to read it. (I generally read two or three books at once; one fiction book and two business books - do you do the same?)

Come back next week and I'll talk more about Sara, Lucinda, Chargons, Vinkalis, and talking owls. You might want to go back to show #1 where I introduce the book. Time for Books - the Launch.

(yes, I realize at one point I called Lucinda 'Linda' but do forgive. Sometimes my  mouth speaks ahead of my brain! Oh golly, more than sometimes!)

Enjoy. Time for Books |Return of the Vinetropes: Lucinda




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