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Dear Universe: They Said if I Asked, I Would Receive

Dear universe

That's what I was told. 

"Ask the Universe, Yvonne. It will give you what you want but you have to ask, first."

And so, I asked. I said, "Dear Universe, I've been told I need to ask for what I want, rather than daydream about it, or wish for it. Here goes nothing..."

The ask has, to date, gone unanswered.

I didn't ask for a lot. Maybe that's the problem. Some folks say you need to make a big ask. "I want to be rich and famous, Universe!" That seems like the biggest ask of all. But, it's not what the folks who said ask big meant. They meant, "Ask for a specific thing - and make it worthwhile. Don't ask for ice cream, ask for chocolate ice cream with sprinkles on top."


Other folks say ask for your desire, make it serious, show the Universe you mean business.

I wonder who asks the Universe for something...and don't mean business. Surely, if you're asking, you mean business. 

I pondered it for a bit and decided this is what those folks were saying: Ask for a specific thing, a way to accomplish a goal, insight into your business success, something, anything, that would get you there. Sort of, "Dear Universe, I would like to serve a certain vertical, in a certain market, and not only help others achieve success, but see some success myself." 

A big goal. A big ask. Very deliberate and focused. 

But, maybe not exactly right. Maybe the Universe would see that as selfish. Not worthy of granting. Too focused on what I want, not on what I can do or give.

Ask the universe

Is that it? Does the Universe want me to give, give, give, before it will give back? Or even listen?

Is the Universe too busy listening to all of you, to the millions of other voices out there asking for money, riches, fame, accomplishment, whatever? Is it? 

I know. The Universe is a big... place? Thing? Surely this enormous entity (sort of like God? Oh please, don't give me the blasphemy lecture...) can hear all wishes, grant whatever it chooses. The big question isn't OUR ask, it's how does the Universe decide whose wish to grant and whose wish gets ignored?

"It's not that simple, Yvonne," the folks who urge me to ask the Universe will say. "You have to prove you not only want the wish but that you are able to fulfill the result, if the Universe grants you your wish."


I mean, is the Universe really expecting a proposal? A manifesto? A detailed business plan? If so, I've been there, done that and the Universe need only read my content online to see how serious I am and how qualified I am. Honestly. Does the Universe know how to read?

Now I'm being flippant. I would apologize but the underlying worry here is that you don't get what you want, no matter who you ask. You have to earn what you get. And even then, you often fall short. Don't we then say to ourselves, "Well, man proposes but God disposes"? (you may substitute woman and Universe, or not, as you wish)

I get frustrated with folks who say, "I really believe in the Universe granting wishes. If you want it bad enough, if you ask for it, the Universe will give it to you."

On some level, that's rather cruel. I know a number of talented business professionals who didn't get what they asked for, who worked hard, who did not let anything stand in their way, and ended up with little to show for it. Why? Wasn't the Universe watching and listening? Did they not make the ask (oh, they asked...more than once, they asked), or was it the wrong ask?

I don't profess to understand how or why some asks are granted and others are not. I don't profess to understand how some people can achieve great success with hardly any work at all, and how some folks can put their shoulder to the grindstone for years, with little to show for it. 

I can't complain. The Universe has been very nice to me. I don't often credit the Universe, as I am one of those who work hard for what I want, but I do think the Universe has stepped in a time or two and gently nudged me one way or another. I do think I am being nudged again, right now, and maybe that's one of the secrets of the Universe - after the ask, you must be open to the answer, even if it's not the answer you wanted. 

You don't need to believe in the Universe or any other outside entity to achieve success. What you must do, and I believe this with all of my heart and soul, is:

  • Learn first who you are
  • Learn what your talents may and may not do for you
  • Be serious about the passions you have
  • Contemplate, on a regular basis, what you are doing and where you are going
  • Learn to pivot
  • Never give up

It isn't the Universe's job to write your life plan. 

It isn't the Universe's job to make decisions for you.

It isn't the Universe's job to know everything there is to know about you.

The Universe will review your life plan and perhaps guide you down a path that you are not familiar with, but should be.

The Universe will listen to your decisions and point you back to the path you should be on, but it won't push you there.

The Universe needs to believe that YOU know YOU better than anyone else does. And, in the knowing, you will accept the nudge to that unfamiliar path, and you will go down it, carefully or excitedly, it doesn't matter. All that matters is your belief in yourself and your desire to make a difference.

What are you going to ask the Universe for now? 

  Universe listens



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