Time for Books | How Remarkable Women Lead
Why Your Second Act is Always Better than Your First

Time for Books | How Remarkable Women Lead 2

How remarkable women lead time for books 2

"I wanted to be a leader who made a difference in the world," she said. 

And so, she started her Second Act and became one.

This month's Time for Books video reviews are all about the amazing book, How Remarkable Women Lead by Joanna Barsch and Susie Cranston. 

In today's review I especially wanted to talk about the way we ladies often think we have to wait for the magic to come, or to happen, before we begin. In truth, we each of us have magic inside. I believe that with my whole heart. I believe we, women of the Second Act in life, have learned how to make magic out of old boxes and string, and random things we find in the attic.

We are done waiting around for the magic to find us. It's time to tap into the colorful tapestries that make up our lives and pull the magic out.

Once we've done that, it helps to understand the core strengths of going out and getting it done. Of becoming leaders who make a difference in the world. 

In the book, Barsch identifies 5 of 24 core strengths as identified by psychologists Martin Seligman (I apologize for mispronouncing his name in the video) and Chris Peterson. They are:

  • Wisdom: curiosity, love of learning, judgment, ingenuity, emotional intelligence, and perspective
  • Courage: valor, perseverance, and integrity 
  • Humanity: kindness and loving
  • Justice: citizenship, fairness, and leadership
  • Temperance: self-control, prudence, and humility
  • Transcendence: appreciation of beauty and excellence, gratitude, hope, spirituality, forgiveness, humor, and zest

I am drawn to transcendence, personally. The love of beauty and excellence, of learning gratitude and having hope, of embracing spirituality that allows you to be forgiving, and bringing humor and zest to everything you do, makes for a great leader. A leader that shines with magic. A leader who can and will make a difference in the world. 

Enjoy the video. Come back next week for the final episode with How Remarkable Women Lead where I'll talk about "a sense of purpose and meaning" in everything we ladies do, for our Second Act.



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Yvonne DiVita

Caren, I love that idea - that not accepting a compliment graciously is an insult to the other person.

You're a busy boomer, and someone who epitomizes what I'm talking about here. Thanks for reading (and watching...gosh, I'm still learning this video thing!)


You always inspire me....always. I could listen to you speak for hours. You know I am clinging to (still) "forgive yourself, the past is past".........I am also AWFUL about accepting compliments, just awful. My Weight Watchers leader tells us that if you do not say "thank you" and you go on to say tear yourself down........it is actually insulting to the person who gave the compliment!
Yes I agree that we boomers go and find our tools and we want to make a difference! Many of the qualities you mention above I do have, many I had and allowed them to become tainted...I look forward to your next video! Keep them coming please!

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