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Time for Books | How Remarkable Women Lead 2

Time for Books | How Remarkable Women Lead

Slip-slogging along. That's what we're doing.

Many of us.How Remarkable Women Lead

Just slogging along from day to day, waiting for the weekend.

In Joanna Barsh's and Susie Cranston's book, How Remarkable Women Lead - The Breakthrough Model for Work and Life, we discover the solution to slip-slogging along. The book outlines in remarkable detail how to break out of that "waiting for the weekend" mode and get into true satisfaction and joy, with your work and your whole life.

Let's be truthful - sometimes work is our whole life. Certainly we allow it to run things, more often than we should. Women, baby boomer women, were taught to give their all to their work - at home or in an office/business. It wasn't enough to nurture our family, our kids, our dog. We should be nurturing our boss, our coworkers, our colleagues. We shouldn't "shake the tree" as I say. We should be focused outward, not inward. We should give and not worry about getting. And, how did that work for us? Really?

In this book we discover that we can take our remarkable selves wherever we wish. And, we learn that we are not alone in our desire to achieve something more than thank you for the cake you baked for the bake sale at school. The authors note the pervasiveness of "herd mentality" - the "no man is an island" kind of thing. The focus shouldn't be on our wrongs, but on our rights. We are in this together, but we must also maintain our individuality. Collaboration only works when there is give and take, not when one personality runs rough-shod over another. 

Bloomberg Businessweek said of this book, "Packed with revealing anecdotes from women in high places." I maintain that those of us in not so high places have stories to tell, also. I hope to tell a few here, on this blog. But, for now, this book absolutely got me thinking about the high places I'd like to take my work and my life.

revealing anecdotes from women in high places

The book opens with a great question in the foreword, written by Joanna, "

Will they [women] adopt the principles of self-awareness, collaboration, and emotional vulnerability - tenets of individuals able to lead through uncertainty, complexity, and with the pace of change demanded today?

Today's video book review as part of the series, Time for Books, focuses on how to become remarkable, if you are not yet. I think you are. But, are you ready to recognize that you are? Can you become even MORE so?

Let's explore. Enjoy this opening video for How Remarkable Women Lead, and come back next week for episode #2. (don't forget to comment) 



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Yvonne DiVita

Caren, you honor me with your comments. Thank you! I need to clarify the employee statement because I was a good employee, I just never liked being one. I was born to be an entrepreneur. More about that in future shows! Invite others to watch these reviews... I do hope folks will guide me on how to make them even better! Want to hear more about my Mom's store?


I love your video reviews for many reasons, one of the main ones is your delivery style, (hearing your voice) and the care you put into your reviews. I was surprised (but not too surprised!) to learn that you Mom had her own were lucky to witness in a day and age where it wasn't common, a woman with that type of drive. In Part One of this book you have already given me much to think about....the quote that you mentioned at the end really hit home. Oh and I bet you were a fabulous employee, I understand not feeling heard, but I can't imagine you not being a stellar employee.

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