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The World's Most Influential FEMALE Entrepreneurs

Frankie and grandma

We're participating in today's International Women's Day with the help of Colette Cassidy at All Finance Tax by sharing an infographic of The World's Most Influential Female Entrepreneurs! Applause all around, please!

As Colette wrote to Robbi, in her email, 

"Some of those featured are entrepreneurs in the traditional sense of the word, in that they started their own companies from scratch and built them into global enterprises. Some women featured in the infographic found fame through more artistic means before branching into business projects from a position of wealth and reputation. Either way, there are plenty of female entrepreneurs who inspire women everywhere to take their chances in the business world and pursue their dreams."

Let me just state that my favorite, the woman in the list I most admire, is J.K. Rowling. I have not read all of the Harry Potter books - I suppose that makes me an anomaly - but I have read her story, and I've watched her take her success to a level of professionalism not everyone else achieves. She's a woman to be admired for her talent, her perseverance, her joy of writing, and for using her fame and fortune to not only enhance her life, but to enhance ours. 


 I am so happy Colette shared the list she created with us. I often struggle to write a truly good post on International Women's Day. Although the women shown here are fantastic, I also believe there are thousands of amazing women all over the world who do not get the credit they deserve. Women in entrepreneurial endeavors, making magic out of old boxes and string. Women starting new businesses, despite the butterflies in their stomach, women holding down the fort at home while their husbands start new businesses (and ending up as a partner of some sort, in that business), women who don't have a corner office but who manage the team or business from a desk in the lobby...all these women deserve recognition and credit.


Lipsticking celebrates with maggie and chloe

What about the women like my daughter, Margaret? She's a PhD in Epidemiology and Community Health - an accomplishment she tackled while pregnant for her first child. Today, she has two adorable kids, a great husband, and she is an Associate Professor at SUNY Cortland. Her work with students is paving the way for better understanding of health and community diseases. She was influential in helping me understand why I need a flu shot. 


And my daughter, Chloe - who was with me at BlogPaws. She's focused on helping business professionals tap into their innate talents. Her work is so valuable because I see a lack of empathy in the world today, and we can't lose that connection to other people, it's part of what makes us human. Chloe is big in social media, also. She's a smart cookie. A wife, a mom to Miah, and a busy entrepreneur who travels so much I never get to see her!


I can't leave out my sisters. I have three sisters who make me so proud to be a woman. Each one, Jan and Sue and Maryanne, has chosen her own path, and are all working women who have that entrepreneurial spirit in one way or another. They create, they sew, they knit, they do design, and even make jewelry. I am in awe of the way these women use the world around them to design so many amazing things! When I finally live back in NY, I'm calling on them to help decorate my house (and maybe me... I don't do so well there, either!).


Of course, I also include my own mother, see picture at the start of this post. Pictured with my beautiful granddaughter, Frankie, my Mom was an early mover. In the sixties, she took out a loan and bought a corner grocery store. Which supported the family quite nicely, for a good many years. I worked in the store sometimes, and while I didn't like working in it, I loved that we owned it. Free candy, you know. 


The point I am making here is that yes, all the women in the infographic, and don't forget I did not include everyone, it just wouldn't have fit in the blog, but, ALL women, no matter where they are in their journey to entrepreneurial success, are worth recognizing and celebrating on this International Women's Day - and on every other day in the year!



Worlds most influential FEMALE entrepreneurs


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