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Time for Books | Design the Life You Love March 2

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Design the Life You Love by Ayse Birselthe business book for March. This is a video book review at Time for Books with Yvonne DiVita.

 We're early in March, which is early in 2018, so those of you who are already lamenting that you need more time to get things done, to work out the kinks from last year, to make this your best year ever, the year your Second Act gets going - this book is for you.

I almost didn't read this book. And, be prepared - it's  not a 'reading' book, it's a workbook. We'll do some of that together. But, I have to confess that when Tom, the hubby who is so much a part of my second act (with his 100+ Life, oh have I mentioned that before? Sign up for the newsletter!), brought me the book, I just looked at it, sitting there like a paperweight on  my desk, that red cover shouting, "pick me up!" 

"It's a workbook," he said. He was excited about it. I love how excited he gets about books! 

I moved away from it, a bit. Yes, the cover called to me. Anything red calls to me. But, knowing I couldn't just read it, and highlight things here and there, and put it away when I was done, scared the beejesus out of me! I don't much like workbooks. 

Time for Books inside cover design your life

I knew I needed to get serious about my second act, however, so I picked it up. I gave it serious attention. I decided I would Design the Life I Love - using this little book as my guide. After all, it said, "no prior creative experience necessary." And so, I began.

Enjoy the video below. I'm glad we're doing this book in March of 2018 because it's worth five video reviews. I'll need that many to convey how much this has influenced ME and put me on the right track. 

We're funny folk, we baby boomer women. We have big ideas, and we have the intelligence and desire and passion and drive to make those big ideas happen. But, often, we get sidetracked, or a bit lost in the jumble of what life throws at us. We need a helping hand. 

I want you to learn from this book. Learn how to give up what you need to give up (you can't have it all, all at the same time, no matter what some other business/marketing guru has told you). Learn a process for designing your life, the life you love. Learn that 

"...there is no such thing as design, there is only redesign." Ralph Caplan

At Lipsticking, we say, your Second Act is a "rebirth with memory." Have at it...



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Yvonne DiVita

Oh Caren! You are so insightful! Yes, you are probably on your third act. Good for you! We have more than two acts in our lives, for sure!

On the constraints...we'll explore that more in future videos.

For your burners, well... maybe you can't have all four lit. Maybe at certain times, you have to leave one unlit. That's the challenge.

And, I am going to do more with "Rebirth with memory"... stay tuned for that.

Thank YOU for sharing your thoughts in comments. So important, as you know.


WOW!! So much to think about and process with this book (even if this is the first time you are presenting it). Even if I don't get it right away, I am going to follow along and take notes (which I did today). Like you, I am not normally a fan of "work books".........I like to, (like you), highlight, underline and then put the book away, but I am intrigued.
I was thinking, when I "re-invented" or "re-designed" after having to leave a career in advertising due to downsizing.........was blogging my "second" act?? I feel as if maybe it was and that I am trying to move (re-design yet again) to a THIRD ACT? What are your thoughts about that?
Love the quote "rebirth with memory"....
Love "design is turning a constraint into an opportunity"
My biggest constraint? ME..........I write ideas down on post-its (mostly for the children's books I always say I am going to write).......then I stick them in the slot of the tray of my computer (where you can store papers) and forget about them until I have to go hunt for passwords I can't remember lol. I have these grand book ideas.........then.....I let ME get in the way......I am hoping to cease doing that.
I am also pondering the "burners" that you mentioned: work, family, health, career........am I wrong to think that we still have to have ALL of the burners lit? That is what I think and maybe that is what my problem is????? (among many lol)
So much to think about.
I love these videos because I enlarge it on my laptop and you make me feel as if we are having a discussion over coffee......I just love these and I eagerly await your next video.
Thank you so much for sharing with all of us!!

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