Time for Books | Design the Life You Love March 9, 2018
Big Ideas are a Dime a Dozen

Time for Books | Design the Life You Love

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This week we worked on deconstruction and reconstruction. I shared my workbook as well as the workbook examples from Design the Life You Love by Ayse Birsel. This is a Time for Books video book review. 

Here's a hint about all of this: No one said it would be easy. We think it should be easy because, after all, it's our life, it's our desire, it's our design. Or is it?

When I was studying literature way back in those ancient days of the late 20th century, one theme was reoccurring - the idea of "are you master of your own fate?"

In other words, is life predetermined, or do we have a say in what happens to us?

I believe we are masters of our own fate. I believe we can influence the Universe to take us where we want to go. 

Jack Welch, the famed CEO of General Electric, is quoted as saying, "Control your own destiny, or someone else will." 

I, personally, don't want someone else controlling my destiny. Do you? Controlling your own future does, however, involve work and study and purpose. I'm telling you that's what Ayse has created in this workbook. She has created the outline, the process, and the encouragement we need to build, design, and produce our own life.

For us at Lipsticking, the question is: What's your Big Idea? We decided to go with the big idea concept because that's what many of - especially baby boomer women - have hiding in our hearts, in a corner, in a closet, in a shadowy place that only we can get to. 

It's time to release your Big Idea. It's time to understand that you are master of your own fate, your life is not predetermined, and in the entire Universe, YOUR big idea is unique. I hear you whispering that you know someone else is doing something similar, so your idea isn't unique. It's ordinary. It's not even big.


We should talk. I can help facilitate the emergence of your big idea. I can help direct you to the success you really want to achieve.

In the meantime, you need this book. Work with me on it, as I share how I am firm believer in the Design the Life You Love world. My big idea is to nurture big ideas from baby boomer women - from imagination to implementation. Let's do it together.

Enjoy this week's Time for Books video book review. 



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