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Time for books Katie Myers

It's Time for Books, Friday, April 6, 2018.

We have a special book today called Fortune is in the Failure. The author, Katie Myers, is both a colleague and a friend. I met Katie about two years ago but it seems like we've always known each other! She's one of those truly special women that brings sunshine and delight with her every where she goes. But, just as importantly as that big smile she always has on her face, she's a business professional with years of experience in sales and communication. 

I had the great fortune to actually work with Katie during the transition from BlogPaws to Lipsticking. With her help, I  learned more about the focus a small business professional needs to have on things like: who is your customer? No, really, who is she? Or he? We created several personas and got into the fine details, over and over. Katie made us think about how we sell and how our customers want us to sell to them. She worked with us on our messaging and on our visual properties. 

We did this over a period of time, and also had the pleasure to work with Katie's team over at CR Conversations, her company. You'll hear more about them in next week's Time for Books review. Because next week, we have Katie herself on video!

As an author, I'm proud that Katie didn't create a 'report' on the subtitle of her book "What you say in business matters." She could have. She could have written a nice report on that topic and called it a day. But, Katie is too smart to do that. What she did was tell stories and relate to her reader as a human being, not just a set of eyeballs.

This is also a workbook of sorts. That's another brilliant thing Katie did - she gave the reader space to do the tasks she required. It's through actually writing down the answers to select questions, that you begin to understand your customer better than you ever have before. (and, I might add, you begin to understand yourself a bit better, too!)

I'd be remiss if I did not mention the title, Fortune is in the Failure, and what it means. Think of it this way: we all fail. We don't set out to fail. But fail we do. It's virtually impossible not to do something wrong, now and then. I could write a book just on that topic - my failures! I'm not going to, it would be boring, but I do understand how important 'failing' is. So does Katie Myers. For her, the fortune you may make in your life, comes in your failures. What you stumble through, and what you learn as you pick yourself back up.

I hope you'll get your copy of the book before next week, and enjoy it with me this month.

To whet your appetite, watch my video below. 

This is Time for Books, with Yvonne DiVita. April's book is Fortune is in the Failure by Katie Myers of CR Conversations.




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I am extremely excited to learn more about what Katie has to say. I also wanted to let you know that you ARE providing content that is extremely beneficial. God knows I have failed........I have failed by allowing frustration to get the better of me. By not thinking, by not behaving professionally just that ONE time, was the kiss of death. By not being direct and voicing my frustration (as in opening a discussion) to those I SHOULD HAVE. I instead allowed myself to be manipulated by others who wanted something that they "thought" I had.....a lesson learned in an incredibly hard way.
I also am not a fan of the phone but for me, I think it stems from having worked on the phone for 20 plus years.......but, sometimes it does depend on who is calling.......I can spend hours (and have) talking to friends/family that I enjoy.......I do love emailing more than texting.....(but with texting and email you can't hear voice inflections or see facial expressions which I think is an important part of communicating).....it is also important not to ramble when communicating as I am doing now.....so...I will be going!

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