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A Cup of Coffee, a Dog at My Feet

A cup of coffee to _break open_ on a Tuesday #inspiration

It's 8:00. I have a cup of coffee and a dog at my feet and what could be better than that?

The cross country trip from Colorado to NY was brutal. I won't sugar coat it. Travel was easy, yes, and Emily held up better than I. Our pet friendly hotels were accommodating and comfy. Emily was eager for each new smell, but wary of letting either one of us out of sight. 

Food was...well, plentiful as our great country has a love-hate relationship with fast food chains, doesn't it? Sometimes, in order to keep the schedule, that was what we ate - various fast food offerings. My diet got shot to heck and back. 

We are slowly settling in, here at Chenago Bridge. Or, "the bridge", as they call it. "Welcome to the bridge," our banker said, when we signed our new house loan papers. He grew up here. 

This week, we got library cards. That was a top task on our to-do lists. We visited the Fenton Free Library (I guess Chenango Bridge is too small for a library! What does that tell you?) in an old  home, with shed out back that offered "fill a bag with books" for $5. Maggie, the daughter who lives down the road, around the corner, gave me the stink-eye and said, "You don't need more books." I proceeded to fill a bag. To which she just shook her head and mumbled, "You have a problem."

I don't have a problem. I just love books. And, I have the equivalent of a library of them. Go me!

Back to my cup of coffee and a dog at my feet.

Chenango bridge office 2018

As we remodel here and there - is there ever a house you've moved into that didn't need some remodeling? - I am truly feeling blessed. The weather has been wonderful, with a good bit of sun and warmth, but not too much. Emily is beginning to show signs of truly settling in. She accepts that this is now home and her walks with all the new smells, the squirrels, and the chipmunks, are delightful. We walk fairly steep hills, in the neighborhood behind our house (which is fully hidden by tress in our backyard - something I love about our new home; trees are the best!), waving at our new neighbors, assuring each dog that barks at us as we stroll by that we aren't going to invade their territory. 

Family is close by. We see the two grandchildren down the road and around the corner, regularly. Mostly they come here. It's easier for their Mom. For now, there is novelty in visiting this grandma. The grandma who used to live in Avocado (Colorado - but the three year old heard 'avocado'). The house and yard are new. The porch is new. There are new books on Grandma's book shelf. There is a dog, where they have cats. They enjoy the newness. As do we.

Tom and I feel more settled, in just the few weeks we've been here, than ever before. Is this a result of growing old? Don't tell him I used the "old" word, he hates it. But, is that a factor? Would we be so comfortable, so soon, were we ten, twenty, thirty years younger?

It's hard to say. As younger folks, we did have the wander here and there bug. The, a house is a home because of the people in it, not because of the architectural layout or the yard or the finished basement. We've never been attached to things (except our books), as much as experiences. And still, we have so much yet to experience. We have the whole United States to experience! Our trip cross country, with a dog, was just to get here, there wasn't time for site seeing or pauses. We had a house closing to get to!

What does the future bring? How will we restart our new businesses? Tom's "Old Dog Learning" and my focus, with Robbi, on baby boomer women?

We'll just do it. That's been our way for years and years. Yes, there is planning. There is preparation. There is research. But, our hearts and our souls are at peace with this move, which makes the coming weeks and years full of delightful expectation.

I hope you can say the same.

For me, a cup of coffee and a dog at my feet is the epitome of wonderfulness. I praise the Universe for smiling down on me.  

And now, it's time for breakfast.

 signing off, Yvonne DiVita, at home in Chenango Bridge

Never without the dog



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I am sooo happy that you have settled in so well! The second you said your home was hidden by trees in the back, I fell in love. I could never live anywhere that didn't have trees. Trees are magical to me. That is fabulous that the grandkids are just down the street, and I cracked up at "Avocado", as a child I had never even heard of Avocados! Kids are exposed to such different things nowadays! I also love bookshelves full of books but...I do often resist buying them due to space considerations. Lenny, on the other hand would buy hundreds if I let him. There is just something about the smell and feel of REAL books! So happy for you and Tom, you are STILL adventurous, that was one heck of a trek!!!

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