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Basic Advice for Your Holiday Preparations

Most wonderful time of the  year Lipsticking

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
(a sponsored post for a great company - you know I don't write about brands I don't love)

I don't often give advice on how to make your holiday more exciting. But this year, I have some advice I couldn't wait to share.

Let's just put this out there - this particular season, here in the U.S., can be stressful. Especially for the ladies. In most households, certainly the ones I know, the women do most of the prep - shopping, decorating, baking, inviting, and sending out those holiday cards for just a 'happy day' or for a party you might be having. 

I will also say we love it! We love it because this season is so full of joy, and color, and laughter, and excitement. If you're around children, you get double the results. My two grandchildren, the ones who live closest to us, will be buzzing with excitement and anticipation starting today, which is our yearly Thanksgiving, all the way through New Years day. 

When I was a stay at home Mom, so many years ago, I would bake hundreds of different kinds of cookies. I would find new recipes of other sweets and sweet breads to cook. I have a big family and we gathered together at one person's house, always reveling in the beauty of the decorations, and the joy of being together with family. 

Holiday cards pet parents

And Now, To Prepare

Here's my advice. The advice I promised you in my title. Yes, it's basic advice for  your holiday preparations, and for mine. It's advice for anyone who wants to stay ahead of the game and not get so exhausted she can't enjoy the festivities.

Get yourself over to Basic Invite and order your holiday cards there.

Let me tell you about Basic Invite first. This is a customization stationery and card company. But it's not like any other you've seen.

At the moment, Basic Invite is promoting Victorian Christmas cards, modern holiday cards, and holiday greeting cards for business.

If you're wondering why I'm doing this post and why I'm recommending this company, it's because they can make your life not only easier (they do the hard work for you, helping you customize wonderful cards to send), but more memorable. It doesn't get better than that around this time of the year. You want your cards to reflect you! You want them to be in colors you love. You want them to represent you, your personality, and the love you'll be sending through the mail.

That's it. Short and sweet. This is a company that has almost unlimited colors and instant previews of what you've designed. This is one of the things that sets them apart from other stationery sites. (180 colors to choose from - now that's a lot of colors!)

And, they offer samples. Heidi-ho, what!?? Yes, I said samples. See below for my samples. Ok, mine aren't holiday cards, I was totally caught up in the business card offers and you might be too. It's just that, with their coupon code right now, 15% off, you might want to do your holiday cards first. Just use: 15FF51 at check out. 

Holiday cards kids basic invite

Talk about Customer Service!

You want to consider Basic Instinct for the warm cards, the beauty of the cards, the colors, the free samples, but I want you to know that their customer service is exemplary. I had some trouble with my samples and how to check out (it's not hard, I am just not tech friendly sometimes) and this company was right on top of helping me. With a smile and a genuine caring approach. 

That's what sold me. The customer service. I love the stationery. I love their coupon offer. But, without that extra help, I would not have been able to complete my order, and I would not be writing this post. 

There is more to say. I could share a great deal more. But the truth is, you need to go to the site and experience it for yourself. As I did. Yes, I was approached via email, but I was skeptical. I mean, customizing cards is not something I have ever been good at. But, I said, okay, let me try this out and if it works, I'll do the post.

Well, it worked. I found the site easy to use and actually, quite attractive. You would expect a site that offers customized stationery to be attractive, but not all are. I particularly like the white background. It allows the sample cards displayed to really stand out. 

Another thing I like about Basic Invite is the concept - from customized work, to a boatload of great color selections, to their customer service, this company has done its homework. You can feel it in the creative designs shared, and in the ease of use when you decide to create your own designs. Plus, yes, before you ask, they do have address capturing to manage all your lists. 

See below for my card designs for Nurturing Big Ideas. I love them. Did I mention foil card are also available? In gold, silver, and rose gold. You can get flat or raised foil on all foil designs.

I mean... rose gold. I'm in love! 

Don't forget - Basic Invite is currently offering 15% off with coupon code: 15FF51 And now, as promised, here are the business cards I created, all by myself. Well, I created them and then a wonderful technician at Basic Invite made sure they were aligned properly and ready for print. They do take care of you there!

My sample cards basic invite

I welcome thoughts on anything you've seen in this post. You have plenty of time to order for holiday events. 


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